Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sherry's Pincushion

As promised in my last post, here is another pincushion. This one was, again, requested by Marilyn for our friend, Sherry. I had a really hard time figuring out this one as I knew there were several directions I could go and it was difficult deciding. Sherry loves pink. That's one with lots of flowers. But, she also loves her cats and had mentioned several times within my hearing that she was fond of Robin's Egg Blue and brown together. So, since I thought it would be different....I went with the cat and Robin's Egg Blue idea. With a twinge of pink in the silk ribbon roses.

As the planning went along....I decided that I wanted to put a monogram on the pincushion too. Might as well complicate things. I'm good at that. So, here you see the monogram, done in hand embroidered satin stitch. Kind of difficult to get it to look 'smooth' but I work at it. She had seen some of my 'meandering stitched' work before, so I had to include that also.

Then, that heart. I drew the heart then stitched it in 'Pistil' stitch, varying the length to fit the heart. You can find that stitch on page 140 of Judith Baker Montano's "Embroidery & Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool" book. It was a challenge to stitch the heart, but, GREAT fun too!

I used a Back Stitch to create the bird, and Outline Stitch to make the cat. They were fun and not difficult. I added the bird so Sherry would have one of my favorite motifs on her pincushion. Besides, we all know cats like birds!!!

The silk ribbon roses and embroidered leaves were just a pleasure to stitch and if I had to do this one over...I'd add more of them somehow. The one thing that stopped me was having enough of that pink ribbon....and it's not easy to get in my area. Next came the beaded fringe and I must say, this may be my favorite example of beaded fringe so far. I just loved doing it and hope you like it too.

So, hopefully, Sherry will enjoy her pincushion for a very long time and I hope you enjoyed seeing it here. I think on my next post, I'll show you something entirely different, then pick up with the pincushion theme again on the next one. So, meantime, enjoy all your Christmas shopping and planning, cooking, etc., and take care out there. pat


StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautiful as usual Pat - your stitching is exquisite. blessings, marlene

Anonymous said...


deb said...

Oooo! Now there's Sherry's pincushion. The photos absolutely do NOT do it justice, Pat! This one's plum purty, too! ;-D


Dolores said...

I have enjoyed looking at your wonderfully created pincushions.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

How could she not enjoy it - gorgeous as always. It is always a treat to see your beautiful work and I enjoy it so much. Have a wonderful week.


Phyllis said...

Pincushion? This work of art should be under glass to admire!

Sherry said...

Hi, Pat! Debbie's right; the pictures don't do it justice. It's so pretty and I know how much thought you put into making it with elements that were just right for me. It was so thoughtful of Marilyn and so considerate of you both. I'll always treasure this beautiful keepsake.

Sherry in Little Rock

Vivian said...

I really like the colors and design of this one. I just can't figure out how some people are so very creative.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

This is my first visit - and my first thought was: How could anyone poke that wonderful art with a pin? It is just beautiful - thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - it got me over to yours and I so enjoyed viewing your talent!

Elizabeth :-)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


Your handwork is just perfection, Pat!
I love all of the personal bits that you put into Sherry's pincushion!
I am posting about mine today.


marie said...

Hi Pat, I'm visiting from Becky's blog -Sweet Cottage Dreams. Just wanted to pop by and say the pincushion you made for her is Beautiful with a capital B. Your attention to detail is perfect and that bead fringe...oh my goodness, I just love that!!

"Sherry's" pincushion is pretty too!

Anne said...

Oh, Pat! Have you ever heard an inspirational song that made you break out all over in goose bumps because you were greatly moved and touched by its beauty? That describes my reaction as I studied each element of Sherry's pincushion! So sweet that you incorporated motifs your friend enjoys, as well as including the bird to signify your presence in her life.

The expert blending of colors, the perfect placement of embroidered elements, and the impeccable stitching are hallmarks of your work. I love the double loops of beaded trim!

Thanks for sharing! I know Sherry will treasure her charming pincushion!

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