Thursday, December 16, 2010

My "Vintage" Basket Quilt

Have you wondered if I am still quilting? To be perfectly honest, I haven't done much of it the last year or so, much to my regret. I thought a lot about that today as I took a little 'day trip' with my good quiltmaking friend, Jim. He's had some quilts on display in Forrest City for the last few weeks and today he needed to go pick them up, so asked me to tag along 'for the ride.' So, I did. It was a nice drive (a little over an hour for me...over two hours for him, as he lives in Morrilton). He drove into my driveway about 7:40 a.m. and we left the house about 8:00. A couple of days ago he invited me to go on this trip and said he'd pick me up around 8:30 a.m. What happened was...he woke up at five, thought it was six, hurried and got ready...and arrived at my house earlier than planned. It was ok though....and before you know we went in Jim's new car.

Helping Jim pack up his quilts made me feel guilty that I have not finished some of my UFO's and so, I had to give each one of his wonderful quilts an extra little pat as I folded them for the trip home. He took me to lunch, we did a little shopping, visited both my backyard and upstairs studios and then...poof...he was gone! It was a good day. But, left me thinking I should really post a quilt I've made. Since there has been precious little quilting done here, I decided I would post my 'vintage' basket quilt, finished last year.

(If I've shown this one...I don't remember doing so....if I have...pretend you've never seen this one!!)

These really are vintage baskets. Well, truth be told, I bought a vintage quilt top from a friend, then year before last, decided to 're-make' it.
I didn't like the way the handle of the basket was done, the background fabric was not very good, and the piecing was rather haphazard. So, I decided to take the blocks apart, re-piece them, applique new handles....and embroider the base of the basket. Then, my plan was to quilt it within an inch of it's life. A year later, this quilt was finished. I had used white fabric for the background....a much nicer Kona cotton. However, when I finished quilting this quilt...I didn't like all that white. I consulted with friends and decided I would tea dye the whole quilt! Don't do that!!! (Maybe a quilt top, but not a finished quilt!) It doesn't show in this photo....but #1, it didn't dye dark enough for me and #2, it was kind of 'splotchy' although my friends assure me it isn't too bad. I had intended to put this in my etsy shop....but after my experience with the dyeing, decided not to. So here it sits...hanging in a corner of my living room. I do like that the light hits the quilting 'just so' at certain times of the day, showing off all that hand stitching....and it does look 'kinda vintage' so I guess it turned out ok after all.....

So, my day out and about with Jim made me remember I really am a, maybe the quilt 'police' won't come around any time soon and revoke my quilting license! Thanks, Jim, for a lovely, fun day with one of my best quilting was a really nice day! Y'all take care out there....pat


Dolores said...

With all the machine quilting out there these days it is such a pleasure to see a hand quilted quilt. You did a great job re-making the quilt. Glad you had a fun day with you quilt buddy.

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

It's a beautiful quilt, and I love that it's hand quilted!!!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Pat that is some of the most gorgeous quilting I have ever seen!

Unknown said...

Your quilt is lovely, I wish I could do that! I Dare say the quilling police will be round to arrest the dog soon! LOL

Quiltgal said...

It is a beautiful quilt.

Vivian said...

Glad you had a good day out with Jim. Maybe you just needed a break from quilting and 2011 will be your year.

FredaB said...

The quilting on this is just beautiful and the whole quilt is really nice. I am one of the old set who do not appreciate machine quilting.

I think it looks great just where you have it.



Barbara C said...

What a beautiful quilt! The colors are so cheery, and your quilting is divine.

Vicki Boster said...

and another absolutely beautiful quilt~~ This is totally amazing - I love the colors and the beautiful quilting. Oh my - you are so talented. That quilting is beyond description - totally amazing!


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