Friday, December 10, 2010

My "Upstairs" Studio

Well, it's Friday night and I'm supposed to be at Craft Night Out down at Second Saturday Studio. It's been a heck of a day.....dead car batteries, shopping, getting into attics for Christmas decorations (yes, I'm always late doing this!), so I decided that tonight I was staying home. It is my favorite place to be anyway...especially after a trying day.

In my last post, I said I'd show you something besides a thought I'd show you the progress I have made on my 'upstairs' studio down at Second Saturday. Several of 'us' have rented the upstairs there to use as private studio space...separate from our little gallery called Second Saturday Studio. It's quite a large space....where we also have designated space for group workshops, etc. I have taken the smallest of the spaces....for two reasons....#1, I can actually work in a small space as I don't paint large canvases, etc., and #2 I'm pretty good at putting a lot of 'stuff' in a small space and they all know I'm going to drag everything I can upstairs at one time or another. (Being the oldest of the group....they've just let me do what I want....I'm sure they wonder what the heck I'll do next, but they are kind enough not to be too embarrassed by me.)

So, here it is. My space is approximately 6 ft. x 9 ft., give or take a bit....with some extra storage across the room...on our shelving walls. It's been fun the last two or three weeks dragging things from home up those stairs and into this space. I just love making a 'nest' everywhere possible! Amongst my 'goodies' you will see my vintage sewing machine, given to me by my son-in-law and carried up those stairs by my grandson. It sews beautifully! Next to it is one of my candlestick pincushions I made in 2009. Over it is a shelf with a vintage tray, three spools of antique French Ribbon, a doll made by my friend, Bibi, a heart given to me by my daughter, some bird 'platters' from Hobby Lobby and a beautiful green ceramic bird given to me today by my friend, it! Take a look at the paper trim on the shelves. It is paper taken from an antique ledger also given to me by my son-in-law. The ledger is one of the 'discards' from his family's clothing store here in town, closed several years ago. He kept the best ones, of course, and I was happy to get two that were falling apart. Love that paper!! The ledger is from 1915.

There is a framed piece which I made in 1976. Crewel embroidery. Stored many years in various places and showing lots of wear and tear, but I still enjoy it and thought it would look great here. I have a place to iron...which is also a place to sit and hand-stitch. A place to sew on the machine, and a place to paint my little bits of fabric or cut out pattern pieces. And, of course, places to put all the little bits of flea market finds I find and 'drag' home, as my husband calls it. What fun!!!

For those of you who read this blog often, you know I have a terrific backyard studio at my home, so I've been asked why I wanted to have another one downtown. Who really knows? I don't...just thought it sounded like a good idea for when I want (or need) to escape for a few minutes or hours....and also sometimes to spend a little time with beloved daughter and friends, who also have made their own workspaces in the upstairs at Second Saturday Studio.

Cheri, my wise and funny friend, says there is no telling if we'll ever get anything done there, as she and I seem to be occupied these days with thinking of all the loot we can haul up those stairs and display in our new play house. But, to be serious for a minute, we are also making plans for the new year and all the 'work' we really can do once the holidays are over and we can schedule our time...something that really seems impossible this time of year.

You can visit my backyard studio by clicking on the word "nest" on my labels list......although the "nest" changes periodically, and has since photos were last made. (I just have to move things around once in a while!) Compare the spaces, if you wish. Just know that each is special in it's own way. Just like your spaces are. Have a good weekend and take care out there. pat

By the way....except for the twelve chairs I removed from my backyard studio to the workshop space at the Upstairs can't tell I've removed a thing from the Nest. How does that happen?


Quiltgal said...

Your new sewing space looks great

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How wonderful to have a space - another one even!! - to create in! I have often thought that I would like to have a space away from home. No distractions like the laundry pile or dirty dishes in the sink - bekoning for my attention. Your space looks wonderful!! Enjoy your time there.


Christy said...

Your new nest looks cozy! It's nice to have space (or two) for your passion. I know you'll enjoy it and have many happy times!

Anne said...

What a perfectly wonderful "nestette!" The famed Singer 201 is indeed a dream machine, so I am sure it'll serve you well in your tidy workspace.

I love that you share the history of each exquisite piece of artwork you've created and give detailed descriptions of the special gifts you've received from beloved friends and family. I sense that you draw inspiration from the treasured memories these various pieces represent. You, in turn, inspire others. You certainly inspire me!

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