Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time Sure Does Fly

 Earlier today I was looking for know how it goes, you're looking for something that you don't manage to find, but in doing so, you find something you had not seen for a while.  That's what prompted this post.  I made this pillow cover in 1992.  (here minus the actual pillow...flattened a long time ago).  I took my hand print and my grandson Tyler's hand print and appliqued them over and under this heart....seems like just yesterday.   He was seven years old then.  Tyler is now thirty-two years old, but today, looking at this just doesn't seem possible.  He is my only grandchild, which makes him very special indeed.


 Above the pillow, there is a small watercolor, painted by my friend, Jim.  And, there is Ty...sitting in a boat.  He loves the water, that's for sure.  This is one my favorite things Jim ever painted.  Imagine that!

 And there is this little drawing of a car, truck and trailer loaded with a tractor.  I just love it.  Ty drew this in 1996, aged eleven, for my birthday. 

 Under the heart it says:

"Heart and Hands shall never part"
 "When this you see, Remember Me"

 One of my favorite stories:

When Ty was six years old, I took him shopping with me.  On the way home, he was just chatting away....and, of course, I was really enjoying the conversation.  I said, "Ty, when I get old will you still come visit me and talk like this?"  He thought a minute, then said:  "Sure Grandmother!   A  long pause...then he looked at me and said, "GRANDMOTHER, YOU ARE ALREADY OLD!"  
 I still laugh about that.  (I was forty-six!) 


Zelda Fitzgerald

Yes, indeed, time sure does fly! 

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Jenny said...

Oh Pat....
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful post! You just totally made my day! The handprints with the hearts is just so very sentimental....I love it! The painting is beautiful and the drawing is so very special! What treasures!

When my children were little I made handprints and it is hanging in my bedroom where it has been for years! I also made a family pillow out of felt that I just loved! Guess what? I think I am going to go and look for it....who knows what else I will find in my search? But you totally get that!

I hope you had a good weekend and that your week will be a good one. I have missed your last few posts as my parents have been in the hospital so I am looking forward to catching up! Your posts always make my heart smile!

Hugs and love to you my friend!

sandi s said...

I love your pillow and your story today, both are precious! I still remember when my grandson was very young and snuggled up to me and rubbing my arm said Nana, I just love your fluffy arms! 😂 I still laugh when I think of that. Have a great day! Hugs, Sandi

Julie Fukuda said...

So, there is some benefit from not finding what you are looking for. Thanks for the story that goes with it.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

A nice memory. We have been doing a lot of memory recall lately. The wonderful thing is when our grand kids actually remember the special days we recall. We are so happy that Corey remembers so many of the good times we had together. My SIL is always so heartbroken because her grandsons don't recall so many things they did together.
xx, Carol

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