Sunday, May 4, 2008

Addendum to "Red Clover" or, Boy, Is My Face Red!!!

Last week I wrote about my husband going for a drive to find some red clover for me to photograph and why I wanted such photos. The post had a lot of meaning for me and I was pleased to be able to show some red clover to illustrate my story. To help you understand today's particular post, you need to know that we used to live out in the country on forty acres, but in 1997 decided to move to town. We didn't want a tiny lot, so eventually, we found this place which consists of two acres....a lot that is really just a long rectangle, with the house and my "nest" on the front fourth or so. We do nothing to maintain the back part of the lot....we prefer it to remain "natural." Sometimes we have someone come and cut it for hay. The guy usually gets around six of those big round bales from it. The land is secluded from the view of other homeowners, except for our immediate next door neighbor, whose lot is the same size as ours. They treat their backyard virtually the same as we do. We go back to the end of our property a couple times a year to have a look around and that's about it. I consider it my "view" rather than a place I go to. Wierd, huh? Just so you know....I also have terrible vision.....and can't really see anything in detail that far away. Bearing that in mind, the other day (after the Red Clover posting) Richard decided to mow...but only to that big tree you can see in the photo. When he got to the tree he laughed and came to get me....there, ALL OVER the place, is the prettiest RED CLOVER!!!! In one photo you can see where he stopped mowing, in another,Richard and our grandson, Tyler, having a good look and then some closeups of the clover. Boy, is my face red! So, we have learned a know......the most wonderful things in life are right in front of your face if you only take the time to SEE them. Pat

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Paddy's Daughter said...

Love the red clover - we don't have such spectacular looking stuff in Australia. I can understand why you like it so much.

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