Monday, May 19, 2008

How to Make Newspaper Seedling Pots

One of the photos on my last post showed me making a seedling pot from newspaper. Such a thing is a far cry from sewing...but evidently I am not the only one interested in such things. My new friend, Gayle (,of Nevada, made the comment that she was "intrigued" by them. Well, that's all I need to hear in order to get out the camera and try to explain how one makes these cute things.

It doesn't take much to get me excited and I love making something cute and useful out of pretty much here goes: (I now know the photos are not in the correct order....but I know you are smarter than I and can figure it out!)

You start by taking one sheet of newspaper and folding it in half on the widest side. You will have two edges facing you and the fold away from you.

Take the two edges you have facing you up towards the fold, leaving about a three inch space between those edges and the top fold.

Using a glass (a straight sided one if possible, as it makes this step just a little easier, but you don't have to have it, I didn't). Place the lip of the glass on the "raw" edges which should make the glass stick out from the bottom fold just enough for you to grasp the glass. Starting at the end, roll the glass the entire length of the paper.

Tuck the folded edge at the top of the glass to the inside of the glass. You don't have to be too neat, but it turns out a tad better if you make a little effort. I give it an extra little press with my fingers. Holding the paper at the top of the glass, pull the glass out of the newspaper.

Starting at the loose "seam" (at the bottom of the glass, which is really the top of the pot) turn under about a half inch to the inside of the pot...a bit at a time...go completely around the glass. Repeat. Pinch the fold well. You should have a pretty neat edge. This will be the top of the pot.

Set the pot on the table and with your fingers, reach in and press the paper sticking up down in an overlapping fan shape. This flattens out the bottom of the pot. Give it an extra press, so it stays together. It should stand up by itself.

I actually made some smaller ones by using half of the sheet used to make this one, although they are harder to turn. These little pots are just terrific and you can plant pot and all when your seedlings are ready to go into the ground.

Now, realize that you can go out into cyberspace and find much better instructions than these...but for now..I'm what you've got! Give it a try - it's fun and sort of like eating potato chips...I had to make a bunch just for the heck of it. (Have you guessed I'm obsessive/compulsive?) Right now, I'm thinking they would be pretty cute used (decoratively) for other things...let's see, wrapped hard candy, buttons, paper clips, stones, birdseed, marbles, etc. (Oh, gosh, I just filled one with buttons...just too cute!!) Let me know if you make some! Take care. Pat


busybusybusy said...

That is the neatest thing I ever saw! I was just looking around the blogs and came across yours. I will definatly stop back.

Judy S. said...

Great idea! And a very productive way to use up old newspapers!

Gayle said...

I'm so excited that you shared this! I can't wait to make my own. As always, I enjoy your posts. :-)

Maison Douce said...

How cool is that! Thank you for sharing...!!

Gayle said...

Quick Update: My thirteen year old daughter loved making the pots. We're making more this weekend. Thanks again for the great idea.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for recycling old papers! I will be giving that a go!

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