Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Heart

We're almost to the end of this Mother's's been a nice day. Early this a.m. I finished sewing a little present for my mother-in-law. She is 90 and in the hospital. Several months ago, I made a pin cushion specifically for a magazine contest and took it to show her. She thought it was for her. Under the circumstances, I couldn't just leave it with her, so vowed to make her something for Mother's Day. She has always liked whatever I do, well, nearly always, so I hoped she would like whatever I showed up with.

So, this week I have been working on a heart for her. I finished it very early this a.m. It's an embellished heart. There are embroidered leaves (I could make these forever!!), satin stitched hearts (one on front and back), and beaded flowers. I actually used silk flowers from Hobby Lobby removed from the stems. (I also used silk flowers on the quilt in a previous post "A Free Vacation to Italy." If you intend to wash the item you are embellishing, you really need to prewash the silk flowers as the dye in them will bleed like you wouldn't believe. This heart will never be washed, so I didn't prewash these. I beaded the centers of the flowers and used outline stitch for the wording. Well, as I thought...she just loved it. I guess we both enjoyed it. You know that old saying about cutting your own warms you twice..once when you cut it and again when you burn it. So, making this heart warmed me twice too. Once while making it and again when giving it away.

Last night I talked to my son via ichat....nothing like that camera showing me his great smiling face!! We talked again today on the phone. A chat with him always makes my day! Another thing that made my day was this evening, my daughter and her husband grilled hamburgers for the whole family. The icing on the cake! These are truly the best kids and made my Mother's Day perfect. Scott doesn't have a blog (yet), but you can go to Kelly's blog - - and read what she wrote today......all these things made my Mother's Day the best ever, full of hearts of all kinds! Pat


Anonymous said...

Pat, just wanted to tell you, again, how much I enjoy your blog! I just caught up on the past three days' worth of reading...and I could hear your voice inside my head as I read. :-) Makes me miss you so much!


verobirdie said...

Hi Pat, just discovered your blog. I like both your vacation in Italy quilt and the heart for Mothers' day.
Your story in the meat locker is a bit scary but funny too.

Gayle said...

Thank you for the tutorial for the heart. I look forward to making one. I just had a chance to read the newspaper this morning and now fully understand the destruction caused by storms in your area. I'm glad your family is safe.

jeanne, herself said...

love the heart. glad you survived the storms - we had tornadoes within miles of our home, too. fortunately all i had to do was pick up some limbs. gonna' enjoy your blog, i can tell.

Jackie said...

I found you completely at random on the big list list of sewing blogs, just to see who I was near. I must say I think your blog ought to be a lot higher up the list.(and so should mine if they take any notice of the technorati rank). I've had a lovely read of your posts and am very envious of your HUGE craft room. The mother's day heart is absolutely heavenly. Glad I found you!

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