Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baskets: The Imagined and The Real

This evening I have been out in the Nest......doing a little house cleaning before my Knot group arrives for an all day visit on Thursday. Sometimes when I work out here I can really make a mess and let's face it - my friends have to have a place to sit!
So, I've been sorting things out, putting "ingredients" as I call them, back where they belong, rearranging the tables and chairs to suit the number of friends I will have here that day, sweeping the floor, and all the things you do to prepare for such an event. I always look forward to having them here.

While putting things away, I noticed how many different things were "out" pertaining to baskets, so I decided I'd show you some baskets I have stitched.....and one real one, just because I think it's pretty. Imagination is a great and wonderful thing! You can conjure up all kinds of things if you give yourself permission to play. I always say an eraser is my best friend, as when I'm trying to dream up something new.....I sketch and erase, sketch and erase until I am satisfied. You can do all that on a computer these days, but I'm pretty old-fashioned and I still love paper and pencil! I'm always amazed when I come up with such designs and if I amaze myself...then that's all that matters. It's supposed to be FUN. So, these aren't the most wonderful baskets you will ever see, but I enjoyed making them.

There is an appliqued basket that is the center of a wall quilt I made a couple of years ago. I just love the quilt and this basket is one of my favorite applique/embroidery designs, ever. You can see the entire quilt on my Flickr photos. There is a button I made that has a tiny basket embroidered on it...I thought I would bead the edge, but haven't yet. There is another embroidered basket from the quilt I made for my book, "The Big Book of Crazy Quilt Stitches," Leisure Arts, Inc., which I will probably blog about sometime in the future. It's stitched in silk ribbon. (Actually, I have a copy of the book for sale in my etsy shop.) Then, there is the "real" basket which I have placed on the table on my deck. I found this basket at Hobby Lobby in Little Rock. I was not there to shop for a basket, but you know how that goes...once I saw it...I was a goner and had to buy it. And, half price too!

These are just some of the baskets I noticed this evening. They always make me feel good. It worked for me - did it work for you? Take care. Pat


Kathy Raker said...

I just wanted to say your quilts are beautiful. I looked at your quilts at Flickr and it would certainly be hard to pick a favorite. The appliqued basket is so heart warming, Peace in the Valley is tranquil to the soul. The stitched basket and silk flowers are just lovely. Now to continue reading your blog and view more of your work.

rlbates said...

Lovely baskets!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

The baskets are lovely and I really enjoy your blog. You have that true southern hospitality. My mom's family is from Benton, AR.

Judy S. said...

Really nice baskets, Pat. I especially like the CQ one but the quilt block is beautiful, too. I have a good friend from Hope, AR. We roomed together years ago when we were both teaching in CO; now she lives a couple of miles away in WA. Crazy how life works!

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous. Thanks for the beautiful eye candy.

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