Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art from Germany

A few posts ago, I showed you an ATC card and pincushion that I had made for my friend, Gaby, who lives in Germany. She makes beautiful ATC artwork and has recently become involved in making assemblage boxes. I hope I am calling them by the right name...they are going to become some of her finest work, I think.

I consider Gaby my friend, even though we have never met. Just like I consider you one. (Isn't blogging great!!) This week, I received a package from her and got so excited about it that my husband thought something was wrong with me. Oh, oh, oh! was all he was getting from me. Finally, I slowed myself down long enough to explain to him what was going on, then he understood. Not knowing a thing about ATC's or mixed media, etc., he really didn't "get" what the excitement was, but he did say that my gift was really pretty and he thought it very nice of her to send it. Later, after looking at my gift several times, he agreed that it was very special, indeed. And, it is.

Gaby has a She, like so many of you, makes the planet a much happier place.

She made two ATC cards for me....I just love them! And, they arrived in a lovely little journal! She must have paid a lot of attention to my blog posts, because the journal is a lovely green (my favorite color), I adopt old photos of people all the time and these kids are precious. The birds and flowers...well, I just can't get enough of them. Even the paper she wrapped the journal it looked like a bird's in the background in the photos. Just wonderful work, Gaby, you made me very happy and I will treasure my "art from Germany!"

As I told Gaby, I lived in Germany in 1952-53, as my Dad was stationed there in the Army. I don't remember all of my time there, but I do remember going into a very quaint doll shop....I can still see it in my mind. Visiting Heidelberg, having a cherry tree in the back yard...and riding a train through beautiful countryside. And, oh yes, those little red boots with fur inside, I remember those too! Isn't it funny what a kid remembers?

Thank you, my German friend! Now, the rest of you go check her won't be disappointed! Take care, pat


Dolores said...

I already follow Gaby. You got a wonderful gift and it's no wonder you were speechless. My boots were white with rabbit fur trim. My mom says I cried until I got a pair and then rarely wore them (go figure!)

Liz said...

How adorable Pat, a very talented lady is Gaby,

Mary said...

What a wonderful surprise! That was so nice of her to do for you.

Unknown said...

Your friend Gaby is very talented. Thanks for sharing her work! Swaps are so much fun! :)

Judy said...

I will definitely visit Gaby. What beautiful art. You are a very lucky lady to receive such beautiful gifts. Enjoy them.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I love those babies with the eggshell bonnets.
by the way,
Tag you're it! You've been tagged by me, to list six silly things that make you happy.

Gaby Bee said...

I’m so glad you like my little gift, and most importantly you are happy with them!
Last week I made some more booklets, but I will post them not until after my vacation
Sending hugs,
Gaby xo

Cindy said...

Everything is wonderful. She did such a beautiful job! You are one lucky gal!

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