Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Cottage Cup and Something for Julie

I have a new friend. Her name is Julie Whitmore. She lives in California. She makes pottery and she is dear. How do I know?
Well, let's see...because we have talked via her blog, mine, email and because she makes the dearest, sweetest. pottery I've ever seen. In my mind, a person can't really make anything "dear" unless they really ARE "dear." She does, so she is. That's how my mind works.

I found Julie because I read Nina's blog. Check out ornamental.typepad.com. Nina is dear also. She makes lovely jewelry for sale at ninabagley.etsy.com, takes lovely photos and is a wonderful writer who will get you in touch with what's important. Like I said, she is DEAR also. She showed one of Julie's creations on a post one day...so, naturally, I just had to go see what Julie was all about. And, that is how I found my new friend. And, bought a cottage cup. It is now one of my treasured possessions!

Here's the cup! So sweet, so tactile (yes, it really FEELS good), so charming, so....delightful! It makes me smile! And, I want more! She's made cups with the sweetest birds, well, you'll just have to go take a look for yourself. So, go visit Julie at....juliewhitmorepottery.blogspot.com. And, go to juliewhitmorepottery.etsy.com to see her shop. You will be delighted also!!

Not to get goofy (no, not me!), but I love the fact that I can see where Julie's hands formed this cup. I can see the paint strokes...I KNOW a real person made this with great love. Wow! You just can't beat that!

Julie tagged me yesterday - to tell her six SILLY things that make me happy. Well, silly to one person may be serious to another, but, just off the top of my head I wrote my list:

1. colorful socks
2. a comfy nightgown
3. fresh cherries
4. a haircut
5. toast
6. a cup of tea

Just in case that's not "silly" enough, there is:

7. those huge bubble wands
8. hearing kids laugh
9. birds in the bird bath
10. licorice
11. doodles
12. empty boxes

Ok, Julie, there you are...my silliness for the day. And, not silly, but true, you, and your sweet cottage cup, make me very happy too! Take care. pat


Judy said...

I love love the cup. I may just have to have one too! Your silly things fit you and made me smile.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

You are the one who is dear.
This just absolutely made my day.
and an extra

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

That cup is the most adorable ever!! I can't wait to check out her blog/etsy shop. Thanks so much for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

Sandie said...

What a wonderful cup so tactile and alive.
Sandie at Rag Rescue

BrenWall61@gmail.com said...

You are a dear to my heart. The cup is wonderful and you want to just hold it in your hand. Julie does beautiful work.
I love your silly things and will try to remember some of them when we are together.

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