Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Silk Ribbon "Re-Do"

I have two drawers of items that need to be completed...some in there for quite a while. I also have a drawer of things that were once "something" and need to be repurposed into "something else." I went there early this morning. Right in the middle of making the Robin and Nest pincushion...I decided the Nest just "wasn't right" so ripped it out. This afternoon I am spending time figuring out how to make it "right".....I like to piddle around when doing this. So, out of the repurpose drawer came this box.

I made it a long time ago. It has never been used as a box...only as a sample in silk ribbon embroidery classes...when I sporadically teach them. And, it's a pretty neat box. However, if you can see it...there is a stain in two about middle right (in the margin) and another bottom center...more faint. Just ruins the piece. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you allow people to handle your class samples. A shame, too. But, when I think about it...I'd rather this happen than to have no one interested in touching it in the first place.

In case you may be interested in what the writing says (from the book "The Country Flowers of a Victorian Lady", by Fanny Robinson, Harper Collins):

"Thus musing in a garden nook
Each flower is as a written book.
And rich the stores of holy thought
That by these blossoms fair are brought."

So, I've spent a bit today looking at this box, trying to figure out how to repurpose it. I know I will have to remove the embroidery from the lid....and cut away most of the rest of it, leaving only the silk ribbon "circle" and a seam allowance. What will it be? I am clueless at this moment, but will "ponder" and will tell me what to do. Meantime, I now feel like returning to the Robin and it's Nest.

I LOVE the roses on this piece....most of the work done by the beauty of the ribbon itself. The loop flowers are fun to do and the tiny, varigated flowers are great to fill an area. A few beads, some French Knots....what's not to like?

So....a mystery to you have any clues? Take care, pat


Judy said...

WOW I bet I spent 10 minutes looking at the beautiful box in detail. I just love the flowers. Too bad it is stained. I could look at your work for hours. I still wish I could atted one of your classe.

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Pat; Wow what a lovely bunch of ribbon flowers. You do such beautiful work. I hope you find a great idea of what to do with it.. and when You do please share it with us... can't wait....


Unknown said...

OMGosh!!! That box is so very pretty! I love it. I can hardly take my eyes off of it! :) said...

I never get tired of looking at your silk ribbon embroidery and know something wonderful will happen to this re-do.

Christine said...

Pat, as usual your work is truly beautiful. Normally I'd say work a few extra roses and leaves over the stains, but that would interfere with the symetry of your design, wouldn't it? A centre for a CQ purse design? A "round window" mounted picture, but then there are only so many places you can hang your work before it looks like a gallery, VBG. Hope someone comes up with a great idea to inspire you,
Thanks for sharing your work again,

Sandie said...

Just found your blog, love your ribbon work.
Sandie at Rag Rescue.

Gayle said...

Wow! This is stunning, Pat! :-)

AngelDoll said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I looked at the flowers for a very long time and they almost look real as they would bloom in a garden...just a thought how to cover the stain...maybe a dainty bow with the ends of the ribbon encircling the flowers....resembling a wreath...i am sure you will come up with an amaazing solution...can't wait to see your next posts. You are such an inspiring and innovative artist!

AngelDoll said...

forgot to mention...if this piece were mine, I would leave the writing as it is so suitable to the flowers.

One gal on a journey. said...

Pat, I love the box! One of the first things we saw in Hawaii was a quilting store and of course we thought of you!


Liz said...

Hi Pat, I found your blog a little while ago. Your embroidery is delicious. I was an Eaton too before I married, it's not the most common name so caught my eye.

Shari said...

Hello Pat, I just discovered your blog and am admiring everything. I was wondering if you had considered trying to tea or coffee dye the ground fabric after you take it off the box? Perhaps a little careful 'painting' of the brew would give you vintage looking results you could live with. Just a thought.......

Rengin Yazitas said...

This is a breath taking project, I loved it.
You do extraordinary work.
Best wishes from Istanbul,

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