Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angel Food Cake from a Friend

Here's a little corner of my kitchen. These photos were taken yesterday (Monday, 1-10-11). It was COLD outside...I wasn't going anywhere as it SNOWED! Now, for those of you who live where it snows a lot....I'm sure you know by now that people who live in my area do not know how to navigate their cars in snow and ice. I certainly don't, nor do I even want to leave the house when we do have snow and/or ice. To be honest, I don't like to drive. I only do it to get from Point A to Point B and back again. I'm sure my dislike of driving is partially because I have crummy vision. (My son says my car has hands that feel the road!) So, this kind of weather just allows me to have a legitimate reason for staying in the house.

Monday, I decided that since I was not going ANYWHERE....it would be a good day to bake something. Normally, I would bake something chocolate, as that old navy man LOVES his chocolate. Do you remember me saying that I am allergic to chocolate? Oh, so true. And, really, I'm not much on sweets, so it doesn't bother me to make chocolate cakes, brownies, etc. But, once in a great while, I'd like a little tidbit of some kind. Knowing this, my friend, Kelley, gave me an Angel Food Cake pan and a cake mix for my birthday back in October. Once, when our little Knot group was at her house, she made us an Angel Food Cake and I had a 'fit' over her cake pan. She promised that if she ever ran across another one, she'd get it for me. That was a long time ago, but on my last birthday....sure enough, she presented me with this cake pan. It's so cool. It only took me three months to actually use it!!

According to the instructions that came with the pan, you can use it for Angel Food Cake, breads and any number of things. I love that it has a little tab on each corner that allows you to
cool the cake upside down. It's a Wilton pan.....and I now have plans for using it to make other things also. Cute, huh? As I said, Kelley also gave me an Angel Food Cake Mix. She said she had tried homemade, then bought a mix and thought it worked just fine. Who am I to argue with her...well, you wouldn't argue with Kelley....she's nearly always right. And, I mean that.
So, I made the cake and as you can see here...it turned out well. I like that I can slice it like bread rather than in wedges as you would with a regular shaped Angel Food Cake.

That old navy man even liked it...although it isn't chocolate...he thought it was good. Would have been better, he said, if it did have some chocolate smeared on it! This morning, he took some to my father-in-law. I happen to know that Angel Food Cake is one of his favorites. I think a guy over 90 years old ought to have one of his favorite cakes once in a while, so I hope he enjoys it.

You can see that 'little corner' of my kitchen....it's a very small kitchen....not meaning to be crude, or anything, but I actually call it a 'one butt' kitchen because it's so small. There's no way I can have anyone help me cook! I have some of those flea market finds in the kitchen, too, and that tin tray and the green glass items...well, they came from the flea market...my favorite place to shop.

So, there you are....how I spent part of my 'snow day.' And, celebrated my October birthday at the same time. Thanks, Kelley, you are such a dear friend....and hugs to you and Doodle!!!
Y'all take care out there....stay safe and warm....pat


LindaSonia said...

I don't understand those tabs on the cake pan that allows you to cool the cake upside down - doesn't the cake fall out???!!

Unknown said...

What a great pan....I love making AF cakes and never have had a loaf style pan. I am thinking I NEED one, lol!


Pat said...

Linda Sonia, Just wanted to answer your question. I suppose if it were a chocolate cake, or similar, it the cake would fall right out of the pan when you turn it upside down. But, an Angel Food cake is 'different' as you don't grease the pan or the cake won't rise. You have to let it cool, then run a knife around the edge of the pan and then gently pull on the cake to remove it from the pan. So, those little tabs help the air circulate and cool the cake. I was amazed when the cake came out of the pan all in one piece, looking so good! Neat,huh? (So, OK, I'm not the Food Channel and that's the best explanation I can give you!) Hope you'll visit again!! pat

Phyllis said...

I've never seen a baking pan like that. I could certainly use one as I love to bake!

FredaB said...

I have 2 of the long pans and they are not Wilton. I happened to find them one time and bought 2. One for home and one for down here. I use them to make any kind of sweet bread, banana, carrot, etc. Much nicer slice then in the big wide pans. I see you have a Kitchenaid also. Couldn't live without one.

I must get a mix and try it in my pan. Great for making strawberry shortcake with the slices. Florida berries are just hitting the markets.

Stay off the roads and be safe my friend.



Vivian said...

I love that pan. I purchased some Wilton pans from Walmart and they are so much better than the other brands.

I really should get one of those so I can bake my son an Angel Food Cake. That really sounds good right now.

BrenWall61@gmail.com said...

Wish Kelley and I could have been there to have a piece of that cake. It looks wonderful. The pan upside down reminds me that when my Mama made an angel food cake in the round pans she would put it upside down on a coke bottle to let it cool. It never fell out. Wonder what Newton would say about that? LOL

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