Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pretty Pink Stuff

Today is a beautiful day....sunny, warmer, and not a cloud in the sky. It's very much appreciated over the cold weather we have had lately. They are saying we will have rain in the next few days and that's ok with me...rainy days are my favorite. So, I was sitting at the computer looking at the pictures in my iPhoto and decided I should show you some pretty pink stuff. I suppose in my mind...Pink equals Pretty Day!

I'm trying to broaden my color preferences....but to be truthful, I do love pink, red, and green about the best. Especially green. But, since I've hunted and gathered at the flea market for so long....other colors have crept into the studio...and that's a GOOD thing. But, pink...especially a soft pink...well, it's irresistible. And, with the pretty day....some pink stuff in the studio can remind me that Spring will come soon.

So, here we are. I have a vintage apron collection...and here is the hemline of one of them. It's currently being worn by the resident mannequin in my backyard studio. Love the pink girl and the flowers. Well, yes, there is that blue crochet making up her dress. It's wonderful too. I'll save 'pretty blue stuff' for another day!

Here is some of the beautiful pink items in my pink box. I have several old jewelry boxes....each has it's own color theme. This is a sample of what's in the box. Some tatting - one of the few needlework methods I have never learned to do...but I love. It's pretty in pink! That piece with the leaves is a necklace....I think from the 50's. Pins, buttons, etc., I'm always on the lookout for them.

I have a framed collection of old sewing notions.....this is a portion of it. I know that 'just like me' you are looking for this same type of thing at the flea markets. Fun, isn't it?

I bought this framed lithograph a couple of years ago. JUST BECAUSE the pink shadows and the trees were so gorgeous.....and I also LOVE pictures with old houses. I can almost imagine walking down this little street! It is by Robert Spencer and called "Roadside Dwellings." I paid $2 for it and I've gotten lots of pleasure from just seeing it 'across the room' as I work. It's 8" x 10."

Lastly, one of my handstitched appliqued and embroidered scenes. It is 3 1/2" x 4." Tiny. And, I loved making it. One of my favorite things to stitch is a French Knot and I like making little trees using those knots. Actually, when the fruit trees bloom....I always think of French Knots.
Isn't that funny? So, here I've created my own tiny blooming fruit trees. Such fun!

So, there you have it....some 'pretty pink stuff' for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Hope you enjoy seeing things as much as I have enjoyed collecting them. Take care out there and have a lovely weekend. pat


FredaB said...

Hi Pat

This is a great post. Lots to look at and admire plus envy - that bad word.

I am looking for a mannequin for my bedroom here to dress up but haven't found any at the flea markets. One that looked old made of metal but rough edges and looked very cheap. It had $125.00 on it. Forget that.

Glad your weather is brightening. Ours here is slowly getting warmer too. Harv went fishing this afternoon but no fish.



Quiltgal said...

Pat what a great post. I love seeingin vintage items.

LLB said...

I love this post! Dainty vintage is my favorite. The three little owls are so cute.

I need the scoop on flea markets in the Searcy area. My husband and I have explored some of Heber's antique shops, but I have to be honest, these Louisiana folks do not mix well with cold weather. We haven't ventured out of town since November! I think we're hibernating, but that gives me a good opportunity to sew my own treasures :)

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