Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Way We Look Here These Days...

Well, can you believe it's the 22nd of January already? I can't. Time sure flies around here...seems to go by faster every day. Usually in January, as I seem to remember anyway...things are kind of quiet, giving me time to recover from the holidays. Now, I didn't say boring, as I have never been much to little time and all that. But, I can remember when January seemed to give me time to be all calm, quiet and cozy so I could plan what to do with the coming year. Because of our weather and time going by so fast, THIS January seems to have flown by giving me only enough time to get to the grocery store and stock up on food and so forth before the next SNOW comes along. And, although the snowfall we've had so far seems to satisfy my need to actually SEE snow...I'm hearing we may be in for more. At this rate, February will be here tomorrow and the month I thought was quiet will be gone til next year. And, Christmas could be arriving any minute.

Because snow has been on the ground here so much lately, I thought I'd show you some photos I've taken. They aren't that great, but will give you an idea of what things have looked like this month. Now, granted, there are places around the country where the snow has piled many feet high (oh, how I feel for those nice people!!)....but remember, we usually don't get our three to five inches seems like a lot to
us....and it's plenty for me.

Here is our house in the snow. I took this photo from the church parking lot across the street where I walk every afternoon. And, yes, I have been walking...even in the snow....except for a couple of days when the wind was so cold I couldn't stand it. Anyway, here's the house...even it looks cold!

This tree is in our backyard and one of my favorites to photograph. I thought it looked very pretty with a coating of snow. One thing I like about the trees in that I can actually see the birds in the trees easier. One afternoon I managed to snap this photo of several birds perched in this tree. They looked so cold, and unhappy with me - they'd really just like to come have a snack on our back deck - as we feed them daily. Actually, I took this photo from the doorway of the Nest....when I walk out of either house, they seem to know I have a camera and fly away in all directions. No matter how I try to sneak around here....I'm able to get very few photos of the birds. Darn it!

The fourth photo I took late one night. I wanted to come out to the Nest (my backyard studio)....where my computer lives....and check my email, etc. So, you can see my footprints. The last photo is of the Nest. I took this photo the night before from the doorway of my house around 10:00 p.m. and with no lights. Although the little house looks dark and gloomy....and cold, this photo is amazing to me because usually at that time of the night it's dark as can be. The snow just seems to light up the night~

So, that brings to me NOW. It's cold, but not as cold. The snow has melted except for shady places.....and I'm ready for some of that slow, cozy January I usually expect to get. Let's see...I've got my spiral notebook....I've got about I hide all the clocks, start a fire in the fireplace and brew a nice hot cup of tea!
Y'all take care out there....pat


Sherry said...

Brrrrrr... All of your pictures look cold! But, they're all beautiful, too. I especially love the one of the Nest at 10:00 p.m. I'm always fascinated with the amount of light when there's snow on the ground, especially if it clears off and there's a full moon! No such luck here so far this year. Great post; great pictures!

Sherry in Little Rock said...

What beautiful pictures. Somehow I can see you embroidering them on a quilt, or pincushion, or something. It looks so peaceful and please be careful out there doing all that walking in the snow. Time certainly flies.

LLB said...

My husband and I have just moved to Searcy from South Louisiana. It's the third time we've ever seen snow in our lives! We are both enjoying and dreading the snow. Hopefully, we don't get too much more :)

Really enjoying the blog and the pictures.

Threads-r-Flying said...

Pat, I love the snow pics, don't get made at me .. we have 3 1/2' 4' snow and was -34 I must say it was cold. we are having a heat wave this week it got up to 30. But I checked on you and we even had the same temps...a couple of days. You are cold because of the humidity. It is dryer here Alaska . Real feel your 30 is like our 10. Love always Laurolle

Anonymous said...

I have loved seeing your pencushions done on a candlestick holder! I have a turquoise and two clear holders like the one you have used. And also have some felt. Maybe I'll get one like yours one day! And I like hearts, too, having them as a theme in our bedroom. Gee - I like your stuff! Thanks so much!

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