Friday, January 14, 2011

A Very Old Log Cabin Quilt

The other day, I took this quilt from the quilt closet. I wanted to hang something 'warm' in the backyard studio. I usually hang this quilt for a month or so in the winter...for exactly that reason - to warm me up - and then I take it down to carefully store it back in the quilt closet. It's very fragile. I think you can tell that by looking at the photo. It is approximately 75 inches x 82 1/2 inches. The blocks are 7 1/2 inches....and not exactly square anymore. No telling how old it is...but I'm guessing a good bit over a hundred years old.

Don't you wonder where it's been and who made it? It's the Court House Square setting and why, I've no idea (except to make it wider ??) they've added a row of Pineapple blocks to the left side. It has holes in it and is practically in ruins (there are two blocks missing with a solid piece basted in), but to me it is just gorgeous. I paid $6 for it at the flea market a few years ago. I think I've shown it to you before, but, like so many of the things we doesn't hurt to see it again. It doesn't have any batting in it, but does have a nice homespun fabric on the back. Some of the 'logs' are stitched down...just to keep them in place. It's heavy fabric...I feel sure it is made from bits of clothing.

I'd love to make a version of it someday. Guess I should begin if I ever intend to finish it, you think? For right now, I am content to sit here and work and glance over at it every little bit and think....'whoever you are lady, and wherever you may made a wonderful quilt and I love it.' $6 just doesn't seem enough for this lovely work of art....

Hope you are all warm and safe....take care out there, pat


Christine said...

Pat, I really love seeing very old quilts. The thing I notice the most, and it's the same with very old clothing, is that because these were made by hand and for a specific purpose the workmanship isn't always "perfect" as we modern stitchers strive for. Sometimes I think we lose something in our pursuit of the perfect stitch ? I think I'll blog about the subject actually,
Christine in Sydney Australia said...

Pat, one of my favorite things that you have rescued and loved, like an old friend.

Barbara C said...

What a treasure! Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt.

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