Sunday, February 10, 2019

And, A Happy Valentine's Day to YOU

 For many years, I have included a heart in just about every project I have ever done, for it is the universal symbol of love and I'm all into that.  Seems an age ago, I stitched these hearts you see here and I'm still stitching them, though they are more difficult for me to do these days.  Vision being what it is and all.  I'll keep trying, I hope, to make them "from my heart."

 My sister gave me this Mary Englebreit girl....her message simple.  And, I've added a few of the hearts I've made over time to this photo.

 And, this pincushion one of my favorite things I've every sewn.  It's about three inches square.

 Back when I was teaching, I often kept an embroidery hoop filled with muslin and I'd use that to demonstrate how to make the stitches we would use in whatever project we were making.  I sometimes gave them away, but this one I kept. 

 Here's a tiny pincushion I made to go with a doll.  It's about an inch and a half squre.  With the heart simply outlined in backstitch.  FUN!

 And, here are some hearts....tiny ones, drawn quickly....and stitched at leisure.  I would call this 
"practice."  Do people do that any more?

  Notice the little drawn heart in the upper left.  Just to show you that the smallest piece of fabric never need go to waste.  I'll use that little heart on something, just you wait and see.

 And, more.  These may forever remain just as they are.  Reminders of things I used to do. 

 More or less.

 Notice on this piece, there are also circles.  More difficult than hearts, I think, but still possible.

 Just another look at it all.

By the way, I love this wonderful old quilt I simple, so gorgeous!! 

I was looking for some quotes today....hearts, Valentines, whatever.  And, I found this one.  Immediately, it has become one of my favorites.  So, I'll remember it this Valentine's Day because I think it might be true.

"The fact is that when you do something from your heart, you leave a Heart Print.."
Alice Walker


And, from my collection...a vintage German Valentine.  (Did you notice there is a tiny basket of flowers?)

Sending you best wishes for 
A Very Beautiful and Happy Valentine's Day!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


Shortbread and Ginger said...

What a lovely post. Your sewn hearts are lovely and the Valentine card is so sweet.

Jenny said...

Good Morning Pat! Ok I am totally and forever in love with your hearts! I have always loved hearts and have stitched them many times over the years! Now of course they have an extra special meaning to me and I hold them especially close!
Your tiny heart in the upper left hand corner that is held by a pin really tugged at my heartstrings! That one is just way to precious! I know you will find a creative way to use it...and I of course will be anxious to!

Your quote is lovely! For years I have encouraged my children and family to leave “ heart prints” I think that is a lovely way to express it! Just for the leave heart prints in every post you write!

Happy Monday my friend! I am sending hugs and love your way!

Louise Doney said...

Hi Pat, So happy to see you blocking again, we missed you. I have a little heart pillow you made me sitting on my dining room table among some other treasures and I can look at it every time I pass. I think there should be more than one Valentines Day in the year so that more love could be passed around this world of ours. Best stitches, Louise

roaa mohamed said...

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Jaybird said...

When I put my few Valentine decorations out....Mr. R wandered through and said "Where did you get that doll with the heart?....and presto...there you were!!! She is out all year in another part of the house, but for February, she lands on the kitchen shelf where she can keep her eye on all of us. Posie thought she would take a swipe at the little dangly heart...she found out that was a BAD idea in a hurry!
Thanks again for my ultra cute little "doll with a heart".

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