Wednesday, February 27, 2019

What I Saw Today

 One day a week, when possible, I visit The Junk House, my friend's flea market in Beebe.  She lets me pretend to be helping her, when really, I'm just receiving my weekly therapy session and visiting with her and my other friends there.  It's great fun and sometimes, we both learn something.

This morning, I had the idea of taking photos of some of Kathy's flea market finds, and showing them here on this blog....maybe a new feature in the middle of each week.   Tell me what you think.

So, here are a few photos of what I saw today.

1. This chair just came in from Kathy's own personal collection.   It's very sturdy and in good shape.  Because I have more chairs in this little cottage than anyone would need, I couldn't buy it.  But, really, someone out there needs it.  It's so pretty.

 2.  Here is a tin piece, some old silver, an ancient sugar bowl,  and a lacey remnant.

3.  A little figurine of a boy and girl, just plain cute.

 4. A length of linen trimmed with crochet.  I think it went on a dresser or a mantel in days past.

 5.  A china trivet.  Just lovely.

 6.  Three glass bud vases filled with white buttons.  Adorable.

 7. This really cute little washstand or cabinet.  

 8.  Cubbies also from Kathy's collection.  I love this...primitive and holds all kinds of goodies.

 9.  I just love all kinds of little jars, etc.  I have some of these old cold cream jars and bottles.  Right now I have a little glass tray filled with about six of these jars and I've put votive candles in them.  Makes a lovely light at night, I have to say.

 10.   There are Teddys, pillows and quilts.  This one is a "cutter" quilt.  In a great old trunk.

11.  This is a also a great old trunk.  Kathy used this as a coffee table at her home for a while.
Just some of what I saw today.
  Now, how much of it did I bring home?  Well, the ancient green sugar bowl, the linen piece trimmed with crochet and the three bud vases with buttons. 
 More wonderful treasures for Bird Nest Cottage.

Next week I'll have more for you to see as we never know what might show up at the Junk House!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage 


Shortbread and Ginger said...

I loved seeing all these beautiful things!

Jenny said...

Oh be still my heart!! I love shopping for treasures and these are some beautiful ones!

Scott and I loved to go to antique stores and second hand shops and we always came home with one treasure or another....❤️ I think this is a great feature for a post once a week!

Hugs and love are coming your way. I hope you have a Happy Thursday my friend.

Audra Jones said...

Love all these! I just knew you took home the buttons, lol. I need to visit there soon. Enjoyed you and our visit last week! Hope to visit more regularly. ♥️ AJ

Louise Doney said...

Love this new feature of your blog called “ What I saw today!” 😘

sandi s said...

How much fun you were having! I wish I was there. I love the chair and the little cabinet! You had great finds. Hugs, Sandi

Cindy Davis said...

Hi Pat,
What a cool, fun shop Kathy has!! I love the chair! I adore the idea of vintage bud vases full of vintage buttons. Hmmm... gonna have to do that myself! And, of course, I love the old trunks!

Thanks for the fun tour!

Jaybird said...

I would for sure have fought you for the green sugar bowl...I'm so glad you got it, and will give it a happy home :^)
Please keep up these posts...I am in love. I just wish the sister and I could be there to go shopping with you!

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