Monday, February 24, 2020

Heart Month #4

More hearts for Heart Month.!
 This is a doll I made in 2001.  It's made from a square of Crazy Quilting.  I don't remember where the doll pattern came from....but it all began with a small pillow.  She's very 'boxy" but I made her anyway.  And, you have to look for the hearts.


I loved this assortment of fabrics and even though I thought she was a bit "homely" she thanked me for making her anyway.  Imagine!

She also has a pet lamb....and a favorite heart I chose to include in the photo, even though
None of them were made in the doll's time period.
 That red and black heart was made from felt and silk ribbon.  One of my favorite's about 7" tall and has aged well.
I did not make the little lamb but I did add the heart.

I know you will ask about the Redwork embroidery.  It's a pillow I made...I LOVE redwork!
It has nothing to do with this little 'story' about the hearts and doll, but it is RED. ❤️

She has simple little face....and, Oh, My!  That hair! 
It's made from many 'ravelings' taken from different fabrics.  I always knew that stuff would come in handy if I thought about it long enough.


Funny and cool, all at the same time.

This is my favorite Crazy Quilt book from back in the day, 1986.
 I'm showing it to you because I took a quote from that book and wrote it on the back of this doll.
I was amused by it.  It's about the concern early Crazy Quilters had for losing their vision while doing tedious embroidery and quilting.  It seems the lack of lighting back then, and the very long hours they spent stitching, caused worrisone eye strain.
I understood that, as I have never had decent vision, worried about it then, and still do.  But with lots of lighting, much determination and a great love of stitching...I managed to do a fairly decent job of stitching all these years.  You really have to WANT to do it and you will overcome.  My idea has always been when I get to where I can't stitch....I will just talk about it!!! 
You can read the quote below.

And, to read it more easily:


So, there you are...another heart post.

I have decided that since my next Sunday post will be MARCH 1,  (where did that month go!!),
I will be announcing the winners of the February Heartprints on Wednesday night, the 26th.

until next time
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LindaSonia said...

I am in love with that sweet little lamb......

baddabinda at yahoo dot com

TinaTx said...

She's a rather 'hefty' woman, isn't she? LOL Your ribbon embroidery is beautiful. My best stitching tools are a good light and my bifocals!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Once again, loved seeing your work - the heart, the crazy quilt blouse and the pillow. Thanks for sharing your interests, collections and handwork with us. Judy, TX fan

Julie Fukuda said...

My homemade doll just looked over my shoulder and saw your post. Now she wants a heart too!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Your crazy patch doll is just darling... very "handsome" as was said in the old days.. of a woman who wasn't beautiful but nice looking. I love all the hearts that are hiding! and love the little lamb and the heart.. and the felt heart with satin roses is just stunning! I love it all. I still haven't done any patchwork with the fancy stitches.. have always wanted to. Is on my "to do" list! I don't do as much close work now because I can't see as well. I did discover that you can get clip on "readers" (cheaters) through Amazon. I looked for a couple of years at stores. I figured they have clip on sunglasses, why not readers? No store had them, but when I looked on Amazon, found some and I LOVE them. When I clip them on, I can see everything so clearly! I AM getting new glasses finally, and the doc said they will improve my close work immensely, which is very good. I had just about quit sewing. But I bet those clip on readers will still bring things even closer. One of these days, I may get back into embroidery as I used to love it (when my eyes were better)!! Take care and have a nice rest of the week! Marilyn

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