Monday, September 14, 2020

A Heartprint Giveaway Update


                              Here are the current HEARTPRINTS along with the winners names.
 The winners names are on the backs, so they won't know which one they are receiving until it           shows up at their home.  Just a bit of surprise at this point in the year.
                                                            Here are the winners:
                                                             Sandra Stephens
                                                                   Tina Tx
                                                             Marilyn McLeod
                                                                Beverly Long
                                                                    Sandi S

 I will need your mailing address so I can get these to you asap.  Even though I may have some of them...please send anyway in case I can't find them...entirely possible the way things are going around here.  I have actually frantically searched for my phone while talking on it....honestly.  The human brain!!!
Remember, these little things I am calling "Heartprints" are pieces from one of my rescued quilts.  They are ALL from one quilt.  I have taken sections from the quilt to form these blocks, and stitched them to an old blanket from the quilt which was used as batting, then I have hand embroidered all the designs on the blocks.  You may display them as you see, or frame them...whatever you like.  I hope you enjoy them.
                                                             The hearts are appliqued.

                                         I'm told this by one of you lovely people out there:
          "Our lives are so impacted by Covid. We all need something pretty to be posted by you."
                                                  Thank you, Cindy.  I'll do my best.

                                                  See you over the coming weekend.

                                                    Wherever you may be this day
                                                                   BE WELL
                                                             Bird Nest Cottage





Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

These "heartprints" are a beautiful idea, and so beautifully done! Now that I can see closely, I see all of the intricate work! Thank you so much for me being a winner of one. I shall treasure it for sure! I'll send you my address via email. Now it makes me want to make some. I did have an old quilt my mom rescued, but I am not sure I still have it which would be sad if I didn't. I always planned to do something with it but hated to cut it up. I used to love to embroider.. used to do it all the time, plus cross stitching on preprinted pictures. thank you again! Marilyn

Julie Fukuda said...

Those are all so lovely. Congratulations to the lucky winners. I'm sure they will be treasured.

TinaTx said...

I'm so excited! Thank you so much. I emailed you my address earlier today. It's been a day and I'm just now getting to sit down at my computer!
Something to look forward to in the mail!

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