Monday, September 28, 2020

A Gift and a Lamp Rescue

I had these items waiting in line to be on the blog for a assortment of things coming my way.  And,  I think...something good that happened this year.  Thanks to a thoughtful friend and my way of collecting things in a serendipitous way.

I have a lovely friend in Texas....Jackie...actually my sister's best friend...who has become a very good friend to me.  I enjoy seeing her whenever I get to visit my hometown.  She sent this very cute card, actually a coaster, and one of my very favorite things to FIND...a heart shaped rock.  Included in the package was this absolutely beautiful embroidered and monogrammed hand towel.  It is BEAUTIFUL.

Now, Jackie knows that the one thing I never could learn to do was to tat, so when I find it at the flea, I want to buy it.  The odds of me finding something embroidered with my initial, and also tatted...well, I just never would have found it, but Jackie did and sent it to me!!!!  I love it.....thank you always, you are so thoughtful and generous.  And,  you watch out for my sister for me and I really appreciate that!


And, so cute!  I have a collection of these heart day I will show them.  So fun to come across one by chance, another gift from Jackie.

Here are two Gardenias, caught in bloom.  I love the smell of Gardenia.  These I picked, then just laid them on a paper towel until they were totally dried.  A remembrance of Spring, again, one of the sweetest things from this year. 

And, a rose.  This was a pink rose with a bit of yellow, however, it dried this lovely color which I dearly love. 

And, here you see some of my favorite thread colors........the Rose and the Gardenia look good there beside the threads, I think.  Do you see that large spool with a bit of crochet?  That is sewing thread, not crochet thread, but I just had to try it and see how it would look.  Makes the tiniest design.  Not bad.  One day, I will add a bit of that to an embroidery project.


Now, a word about this lamp.  I bought it at the flea.  It's only about a foot tall.  And, as you can see, there is something missing.

I have no idea what is missing, but I thought the little lamp so sweet and the base so pretty, I bought it anyway.

But, what to do to rescue it?  I searched the house high and low and couldn't find a thing...then realized that I had a pincushion with a beaded edging that matched the base of the lamp.  Oh, why not?  No one is here to care but me and I instantly loved the arrangement.

And, here is is.....

I think the lamp glorifies the pincushion and the pincushion glorifies the lamp.

 The shade is tiny....about four inches.  And, I love the little pull chain.

And, yes, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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TinaTx said...

Oh how pretty! I can't crochet, knit or tat - I just get big knots! I'm just not coordinated enough. My great-grandmother tried to teach me to crochet and I was always too busy and I guess I thought she would be around forever. Wish I had taken the time.
Love the way you rescued the lamp!

http://thankfullga447 said...

I love the pin cushion and lamp. All my little items I have at home are so meaningful with wonderful memories. I am trying to clean things up a bit and bring items to charity shops but then I buy something else.

sandi s said...

I love your rescued lamp, it’s so pretty. I like how you put the pincushion with it, it looks wonderful. Hugs,

Julie Fukuda said...

Lots of sweet items there. I always wanted to learn to tat. My mother made a nice pillow case with a tatted border and her fingers moved so fast I couldn't figure out how to reverse it to left handed. I figured out knitting and a good thing because I had to make winter clothing for my children. Now my grandkids are wearing those things. Good plan with the lamp.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Hi Pat... well I somehow missed this post! I think it went to my spam folder and I didn't catch it. I'm glad I get to see your lovely things that were sent to you - the monogram is beautiful.. what a find and what a good friend to send you that and the sweet rock! Oh.. and the lamp is adorable.. it looks much taller than you describe... and the pin cushion looks great sitting at the base... so pretty with that shade too. I have a "thing" for small antique lamps! My mom always had "pin up" lamps around the house.. they are the lamps that you hang on the wall and I loved them, but keep looking and haven't found a one. I love them for putting in little nooks where there is no room to set a lamp on a surface (as my surfaces are always full!). I could use one in my craft room also, as no surface space to set a light but I really need one! I never did learn to tat... a babysitter for my son once tatted and it was fascinating to me. I do know how to crochet which I love.. and did knit alot years ago but I like the look of crochet better, as you can make it so lacey looking. So sorry I missed this post but glad I found it! hugs.. Marilyn

Gaby Bee said...

Dear Pat, this pin cushion is absolutely amazing! LOVE, LOVE it!!! Hope you are well!

Greetings from Germany, Gaby

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