Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Inspiring Stitching of Mandy Pattullo

As some of you know, I am interested in rescuing quilts and embroideries that have seen better days, some just need a little careful stitching to give them more years of life.  Then, on the other hand, many are on the verge of completely falling apart.  There are certainly others on the planet who have rescued such  textiles....using the smallest of pieces to create new life.  Fabric collage being one of the methods of choice.  I became interested is such activity several years ago when I found one of my "stitching heroes," Mandy Pattullo.  She lives in the UK and I found her through her blog and instantly became a huge fan.  I couldn't wait for her to write a book.  Eventually, she did just that, calling it TEXTILE COLLAGE.  I purchased it as soon as I could and loved it immediately.  (I'll show a photo of it below.)

This year she produced another book, her second,  TEXTILES TRANSFORMED.  And, once again, I purchased it also.  And, once again, I loved it immediately.  Her designs are so appealing....and fun. If this kind of work is "up your alley" you might want to check it out.  I'm sure you will love her work as much as I do.

The covers of Mandy's books are just wonderful.....tempting you to read further about her chosen work.  Each page giving you so much information about reusing these sometimes ragged pieces combining all manner of threads and other bits and pieces to create lovely works of art. I have read them over and over again....and never grow tired of imagining what I could do with all the rescued pieces I have.  As I said, she is very inspiring.

Here, all the photo needed was Mandy's new book.  But, I wanted to add a little extra color to the photo....that painted vegetable can is full of painted book pages I have cut up to use as book marks.  It can hang from a hook somewhere, anywhere.  Of course, I like to use lots of paper to mark the places where I find all the things that catch my fancy.  There is also a little creature that you met in my last post.  I'm mentioning that now because Birdy will be showing up in a few odd places now and again and I may not mention it....just see if you notice though.

Here the book is open to show you a bit of what you might find inside.  Make it larger so you can really get a good look at what she has done here.  Log Cabin, one of my favorite patterns...and what she has done to add so much life to such a varied selection of 'pieces.'

And, here is one of Mandy's own pieces.  This was given to me several years ago.  I consider it one of the most "precious" items in my home.  That sweet bird.  And, my funny bird!

Mandy rarely buys new fabric, preferring instead to use vintage and antique fabrics along with her rescued quilts or embroidery.  Yes, inspiration, indeed!!!

And, here is Mandy's first book.  So filled with stitching goodness!  There is a little trick I do when I don't feel well.  I can get a book or two or three....a comfortable quilt, and a nice hot cup of tea....and "pile up" on the sofa, studying the photos, reading the text, feeling the inspiration, and before you know it...I feel better.

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Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Those look like two WONDERFUL books! I'm that way with quilt books... when I just need to rest, I love to sit with some of my favorite ones, and just look at all the beautiful inspiring photos and colors. Mandy looks like she uses bright and merry colors! Her stitching looks lovely. I don't do much hand stitching anymore, but I would get lost in her books. I may never make any of the quilts in the books I love so dearly, but they are like old friends now and I never tire of looking through them. I'm the same way with the Mary Engelbreit old magazines that I've collected over the years. I have almost all of them and never tire of browsing through and reading the articles! I love your funny little bird.. and also the sweet little white one in the nest! Have a good and happy day tomorrow! Hugs.. Marilyn

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