Friday, January 9, 2009

First Thursday Art

As I mentioned in my last post, I would be having my first attempt at First Thursday Art to take place on January 8th. Well, of course, yesterday wasn't the first Thursday...but we delayed it a week due to New Year's Day being the first Thursday this month. And, even though I plan on having these fun days at my Nest....I planned this particular day to be held at my daughter's house....because, SHE does abstract art and also because I thought it would be fun for the more mature in my group to spend some time with a younger chick. And, good for the younger chick too!

Kelly (my daughter) and I set everything up on Wednesday, so that when we arrived.....some serious painting could begin. Well, of course, I should have known better than that!! First of all, we were late, but only because #1, we got side-tracked, and #2, we ended up waiting for one of our group to arrive at my place so we could all follow each other out to Kelly's house.
Several of the group had never been there.

One of our group drove up to my Nest with a van full of fabric sample books which she wanted us to look through, then take off her hands. It's like waving a red flag in front of a bull...naturally, we all dove into the back of the van like we were young and in shape!! We certainly enjoyed that experience. Naturally, her van was picked clean by the time we finished!!!

We waited for the tardy one of the group and by the time we had picked the van clean...decided she wasn't off we went to Kelly's house.

Thank goodness we had set up the day before. After a bit of encouragement from Kelly, and more direction from me (I am the resident control freak of the group and always tend to try to "manage" exercise in futility) we got busy. Have you ever tried to herd cats? Ok, then, you know how it went. Then, about an hour later, here comes our tardy friend. She had gotten mixed up and drove to Kelley's house rather than Kelly's house. (That's a whole story in itself which I won't tell!!) But, we did have a lot of fun with much laughter and that's the best part.

We did learn a few much about abstract art....well, truthfully, not much. But, it was fun. Even Kelly enjoyed it. We did paint! We now know a few things to do and even more not to do. And, some of the "paintings" really are kind of neat!

You can see Kelly, here, talking to all of us, but explaining something to Brenda. My friend, Kelley, is laughing along with some others....I love to see this happen. Bibi's hard at work here...she has a very soft touch with paint. And, then, there is the whole group showing their handiwork....from left to right - Kelly, Susan, Brenda, Bibi, Jean, Mary Lou, Sherry, Carol Ann and seated is Kelley. Then, afterwards, Kelly and Mary Lou reading about art...well...when you run out of steam to do can still read about it. Trixie, my daughter's dog, is adding her two cents. She participated all day long and in the most ladylike way....sharing her stuffed toy with all of us. These are not my best photos...but hopefully, you get the idea!

If you'd like to read my daughter's version of what happened...go to her blog at

A great day was had by all!!! Next First Thursday Art day we will be making a journal page (hoping to inspire some of us to do journals) and that will be "a whole 'nother experience." Take care. pat

6 comments: said...

Well we all seem to get the energy to post the same day. I did mine while you were doing yours so if anyone wants to see more pictures go to and view a couple more.
Pat can really plan some FUN days.

kellyvanhook said...

Herding cats?!!! that is absolutely hysterical, but accurate, lol!!! I had a really great can use my house anytime you want! can't wait to make a journal page next month!

Robin said...

Oh yes, I'da been in the back of that van without a thought for the rest of the day's plan too. There's just nothing like a van full of free fabric!!! Once you got into painting, it seems everyone is having a blast!

Gayle said...

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for inviting us. :-)Gayle

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh man what fun and how I wish I could join your group.

Gaby Bee said...

It looks like a fun day. Thanks for sharing!

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