Sunday, January 25, 2009

From Back in the Day

Yesterday, my grandson and his girlfriend had a garage sale at my house. I live on a street with a good bit of traffic, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Never mind that the weather was awful with a pesky wind blowing and it was COLD! But, they are young and oblivious to the things that would keep me from having a garage sale in the middle of January. In a way, I admire them for it....wanting to do something and without thinking of the perils...jumping right in. Me, I have to "think ahead" and "plan." Youth is so wasted on the young. But, I digress.

Thinking I would "help out" in some way....I went through the house looking for things to donate to the cause. My house is about to burst with "stuff" so relieving it of some of it's burden seemed a good idea. I do not easily give things up, but the time has come for me to let go of some things. Take this for instance....this crewel embroidery I've pictured here. Something I have stored since "back in the day."

In the midst of my search for donations, this item was chosen. It has a history. I got married in 1966. My daughter was born in 1967 and my son was born in 1968. It was at least a year or two later that I embroidered this piece. At least that is how I have concluded it's age. That and the horrible color!!!!! I remember doing it. It was made from a kit put out by a needlework kit company called Paragon. I remember choosing it simply because it had that wonderful lacy looking "fabric" or "paper" holding the bouquet. It was FUN to make, I do remember that, but I never did really like the colors, so consequently it never was hung anywhere in the least not for long. (I have to say that since I always work in more subdued colors, my friends call me the Queen of mud! Every once in a while I break out and use some bright color, but not often. So the fact that I made this is kind of a shock.)

This piece is in fairly good shape. Probably because it was framed in an equally horrible!!

So, back to the never really got off the ground due to the weather, so at noon, the kids started to pack things up.
The idea was to take the good stuff to the thrift store and get rid of the rest. I was helping them pack up and looked at this needlework one last time...and couldn't send it away. After all, I still love the lacy part. I could remove it from the frame and scan it to make a pattern and perhaps redo it in colors I really like...couldn't I? So, here it sits...rescued once again. Obviously I've had to save it through several moves, so it must just keep reminding me of "back in the day."

The stuff was packed, my tables were put back in the Nest and the kids were leaving when she accidentally backed her car into the yard of those old-fashioned kind that looks as if it belongs in a city park, five lights in round globes. Didn't hurt her car at all, thank goodness. The light is broken in half and lying on the ground...the husband is not happy....but gosh, we've made a memory here...amongst the ones I have of brightly colored needlework done while raising small children. Yes, back in the was fun, I was young. Wasn't that just yesterday??? Take care. pat


Robin said...

Once again you've spun a delightful tale... You could write a magazine column or put together a book of short stories. How did you get to be such a good writer???

Actually, you did beautiful work on this piece! I'm wondering if it could be cut into sections and put into a CQ piece or story quilt? Also, what about painting it with liquid dyes? Since it's part of your stitching history, your learning process, I'm glad it didn't get sold or donated. Although, yes, it feels good to lighten one's load. I'm like you... giving things up is next to impossible.

Robin A.

Elenka said...

Ah yes, those were the days....I agree that youth is wasted on the young. One Hundred Percent!
It's all I could do to do a garage sale in the summer !
Too bad about your light. I don't blame your husband for being upset. Those kinds of stupid things that happen just cost us money....washing machine dying, furnace needing work, car repairs, flattening a tire and wrecking the wheel on a stupid POTHOLE. (scroll back in my blog to see that one !) It's just not fair, but it's a good thing we all love each other.
It is part of your stitching history, that embroidery, just like Robin said. I have quilting pieces that I started decades ago that I look at now and they make me want to puke. But I still have them...
who knows why.

Judy said...

What a wonderful story. I was looking at the pictures and thinking you had gotten kind of wild with your colors. It isn't something you usually show us. I wouldn't get rid of it either, too many memories. I have my very first afghan that I croched and the colors are awful. I don't know what I was thinking but I can't part with it. Sorry about the light post though, that is kind of sad. I was catching up on your posts and love the pincushions.

Cottage Rose said...

I so love your post, it is just so much fun to read. I hope you find a way to use the needle work.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking like Robin -- wondering if you could "muddy" the colors a bit with fabric dye or paint. Even if you don't, I think you should be proud of the piece because you finished it! I hate to admit that I still have some pieces from the same era that are not finished. Remember, finished is always better than perfect.

Sherry in Little Rock

Anonymous said...


kellyvanhook said...

Mom, you will probably not be surprised at this at all, but I actually like the colors, lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! Well you did beautiful work even "back in the day"!!! I think this could be called "funky" for today and would never do anything to it; I'll bet in a modern black frame someone would pay to have it in their city loft!!! Reminds me a little of two crewel pics I did for extra credit in home-ec class (same coloring) back in 1973! I am still a little sad I got rid of it when we moved! Well I think it is cool!!! Have a great week - Sincerely, Jeannette (I'm sorry about your light but glad daughter wasn't hurt!)

Jackie said...

I can see the enjoyment you had in embroidering that piece 'back in the day'. And as for the colour..I think I have just become queen of mud!

Anonymous said...

I have recently found your blog and as I was looking over past entries I have come across many that brought back tender memories. Your button box days at your grandmothers, my mom had a button box I played with all the time, such beautiful old buttons. Your relatives that you never had. My mom has recently moved into an assisted living home and she has a huge box of old old photos of people only she knows.We found one of her at age 4 that I now have and will cherish. Anyway, I just want to let you know I enjoy reading your blog, it brings a very warm feeling to my heart :^)
patty in erie, pa

Pat said...

To those of you who have left comments about my blog saying that something you read here reminded you of something in your own life or that you just enjoy reading it for pleasure's sake...please know that YOU are helping ME! Thank you so much. Pat

Gayle said...

Beautiful are such a gifted writer.

I'm so glad you saved this piece. I was learning to embroider/sew around this time and I recall buying a kit with these same colors as a pre-teen/teenager. These kits were so "modern" compared to the pre-printed dish towels and pillow cases at the variety store (which I also loved).

Thank you for sharing this.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

The piece is very pretty but indeed is of the period. I'm just over catching up.
You probably should have let it go to the thrift. Someone would have been thrilled to find it.

*jean* said...

I remember my mother and aunt having this kind of work stashed about too..

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