Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Painting at the VanHook's Home

I think I probably need to post more things about the family....after all, I don't live here by myself. At some point, I decided that I didn't need to mention anything real personal.....and I probably won't get REAL personal, but, since I do want you to know that I don't exist in a vacuum and have a life that includes more than quilting, embroidering and beading...a little more from time to time about what is going on here, outside the Nest, might prove to be a good thing.

I have two very grown children....Scott, who lives in Silicon Valley, and Kelly, who lives here. She is a realtor and artist. Kelly and her husband, Rick, live out by the golf course. They are avid golfers....usually you can't keep Rick off the course and in good weather...she's the same way. But, a year or so ago, she took up painting abstracts. Out of the blue. She always said she had no talent, but, of course, when people say is never true. So, she paints a lot and has sold several in the last few months. You can see her work at her blog: and you can see what she's selling at

I'm tickled that she has gotten so "into" painting. I have always thought everyone should have something they really love to do. It turns out that her enthusiasm for painting is catching and my son-in-law decided one day (again "out of the blue") that he would like to try it. He did and he's having a ball! And, she is too! Now, when we call...they are always busy painting away. (Golf....what about golf?) They both say they've never had so much fun. Who knew???

The photos in this post are of my daughter's home. They built it and have lived there for about two years now. It's a great house.....if you notice the back patio....that's a great place to paint, or as I do on occasion...sit and sew. Rick and Kelly are often found at the kitchen island, painting to their heart's content.....and I'm sure when the weather gets warmer they will be out on the patio all the time....well, except when they have to go to work. Odd how we all have to make a living! And, then now and again when they have to play golf!!! That large abstract you see in the photo with the lamp...well, that one was painted by Rick...he's doing great, enjoying it and we get a kick out of watching him enjoy it.

There is a little side story here. About a month ago, I decided that every Thursday is going to be my Art Day. A day totally devoted to my little attempts at art. Shopping for ingredients, going to the book store, painting fabric, sewing, beading, locking myself in the Nest, if necessary, to get work done....and then, since I really need some contact with others of a like mind, I decided to begin a First Thursday Art Day and invite some friends to participate in making some art here in the Nest. We will try all kinds of different things. We will be meeting the First Thursday of each month and tomorrow is our first get-together. Yes, I know tomorrow is the second Thursday of this month, but the first Thursday was New Year's Day. So, for this month only, we will meet the second Thursday. And, guess what we are going to try? Abstract art! And, just to add to the fun, we are going to my daughter's house and she is going to lead us in this little exercise. How fun is that?

Mostly, friends coming to this funfest belong to my Knot Crazy Beaders group, however, sometimes we may be doing something that not all of them want to possibly we won't have a "group", but one or two. And, that's will still be First Thursday Art Day. If I can get some good photos, I'm going to let you know what happens tomorrow.....but I do know this...we will have a really good time! Not only that, but we will also enjoy my daughter and her great home.

So, now you know a bit more about what happens here...both out of the Nest and in it. Stay tuned! Take care. pat


High Power Rocketry said...

: ) said...

I am so looking forward to enjoying our Art Day tomorrow. It has been on my mind all week.
Love ya

Unknown said...

Lovely home, lovely painting, lovely family! Thanks for sharing. Just so ya know, I never thought you lived in a vacuum! LOL! I don't post anything personal at all so there very well may be some folks who think all I do is sit around at tat, LOL! I haven't tatted since october! LOL~'ll be our little secret!

Gayle said...

What a fun post...your daughter's home is gorgeous! And she is so talented.

It's wonderful to seechildren enjoy art. My oldest loves collage and my youngest loves fashion design/fabric...and yours can paint with such an understanding of color/balance.

I always enjoy your posts/writing.


Robin said...

Yes, Pat!!! I'm lovin' it that I get to see a more well-rounded Pat here!!! Personal can be good, especially when related to art... and family is always good. Nice that Kelly, her husband and you share an interest in art!

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