Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are There Only Seven Things I Love that Aren't Obvious?

I have been tagged by Gayle, at Yesterday she tagged several of her faves to list "seven things they love that aren't obvious." I'm not fond of these kinds of challenges....but, I'm fond of Gayle, so therefore, I will try to list seven things I love that probably aren't obvious to you. My question is this...why would you care? But, I'm kind of a sarcastic person, so just forget you read that and try to make sense of my list...if you feel like it.

Seven Things I love that aren't Obvious:

1. Moonlight
2. Reading in Bed
3. Watermelon
4. Chocolate, but I'm allergic
5. Making lists (how ironic is this?)
6. Tall people who reach things for me at the grocery store
7. Sitting in the porch swing, watching cars go by

Ok. That's seven! Hardly seems worth taking the time to list...there is so much more in life:

8. Trees, especially blooming ones. They remind of French Knots
9. Movies with kids and animals
10. Milliner's needles
11. Things in a know..ducks, books. etc.
12. Pink and yellow together
13. Handwriting
14. A good BLT sandwich
15. Chairs, big, small or tiny
16. Toast with jelly or peanut butter, but never both at the same time
17. Rainy days and nights
18. Baby shoes and bonnets
19. Vintage dresser scarves, tattered and torn
20. Old doll dresses

Now see, does this really tell you anything? Perhaps that I really am rather obsessive? 'Cuz there's more:

21. Teacups
22. Silver rings
23. Fog
24. Puttering or piddling around
25. Willie Nelson singing "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground."

Ok, Ok. I'm done. There's lots more...but I refuse to tell you anymore about myself! You can figure me out on your own. And, Gayle, thanks for thinking of really are DEAR, which is why I made this list just for you. Take care, friend. pat

PS. For anyone interested....that Teacup Pincushion I showed earlier in the was purchased this evening and will be on it's way to a new home in Texas on Monday.....thanks, D.C.!!! And, thanks to you who sent me wonderful comments on it, I always appreciate what you have to say about my work...keeps me going!


Gayle said...

Oh, I loved your wonderful responses...and I love Willie Nelson...and moonlight...and fog...

Susan said...

A couple more for your list....from mine...the smell of fresly washed hair....puppy breadth.

Susan said...

puppy breath..
never was a speller :)

Judy said...

I love the post. You are so cute and funny. I loved your comment about who cares. I'm rather sarcastic too so I had to really laugh. said...

The more we know the better it gets. I care.

Anonymous said...

I care, too! And, I'm just so impressed that you answered one of these. Now, really, wasn't that kinda fun?!?

By the way, you forgot writing with fountain pens...

Sherry in Little Rock

Unknown said...

I Loved your list! You have a fabulous porch for sitting on to watch the cars go by in! That porch swing looks pretty fabulous, too!

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