Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Good Laugh

Well, it's early on a Saturday evening and I could use a few good laughs.  Actually, more than a few, so thought you might need some too.   I have this little collection of cartoons which have been on and off of my refrigerator for years.  For some reason, I have saved them and now seems a good time to 'bring them out again.'  This first one seems to be about ME.  Yes, aren't we all our own worst enemies?  Well, maybe it's more sarcastic than funny.
I saw this cartoon one day and it really 'got to me.'  After all, this blog IS called "BIRD NEST On The Ground."  To date, I have not received any 'tips' though.  Maybe I'm doing it wrong?  Just looking at it does make me smile.
Oh, here's one of my quilt cartoons.  I forget who gave me this one so long ago...but there it is....each quilter has his/her own statement to make.  Me too.  
My dear friend, Sharon H. gave me this cartoon long ago.  It has always made me laugh as it can be so true.  Fortunately, it isn't always the case.  Sharon could always make me laugh.  She passed away in 2007.  I have some very dear friends, but I have never found one to take her place....and she can still make me laugh! 
I found this cartoon years ago and it was on my refrigerator for a long time.  Women seem to laugh harder at it than men do.  I still think it is funny...the old navy man...not so much, although he does see the point now more than he did back then.   (And, of course, we have the "I can pack a car better than he can thing."  He always says, "all this crap will NOT fit in THIS car."  Then, I pack and it all goes in that little PT Cruiser pretty as you please.  He just shakes his head.)
Now, this cartoon is just REAL and after knowing the old navy man since 1965.....well, sometimes I do think we know what the other one thinks.  Getting us to agree on something still takes a bit of talent though.  Actually, we DO agree on the important things...but trivial stuff....well, we tend to bicker about that.  And, I actually think we enjoy it.

So, did you laugh at all?  I have to admit, I probably have a weird sense of humor.    Because life here is sometimes kind of traumatic (bet you know about that too),  our goal around this house is to FIND one good laugh a day. Some days are difficult, but, so good!

Hope you enjoyed these cartoons.  Just a little departure from the usual posts of mine.  Hope you are warm, safe, and cozy.  Next post....three of my favorite photos from Thanksgiving week.  Take care out there!  pat

PS.  I still need to have mailing addresses for Allison A. and Judy R.- two of the winners of my recent Giveaway!


Janet said...

Thank you for the giggles. We have favorite cartoons on our frig too. Courtesy of DH. I can relate to most of these. Laughter and gratitude keep us going in this life. Sharing it helps.

Thearica said...

I laughed out loud at #1 and #5... they all made me chuckle but those 2 were too cute!!

The "I can pack a car better than you" statement made me smile..

I can pack a pretty mean car myself..

My mother-n-law and friend Marie went with me to the Farmers Market one day to get peaches. We were in my Bonneville which was a small - mid-size car.. Not too small but not much room for more than 4 people with bucket seats up front. We told the man that we wanted 5 bushel of peaches. he looked at my car and looked at the peaches and promptly said "You'll never get that many peaches in that car". He stood shaking his head when we drove off 25 minutes later with all 5 bushel of peaches in tow. lol

Now I should tell you that we poured the peaches out in the trunk to get rid of the peck baskets taking up space... and up front my MIL had a basket between her legs in the floorboard and a basket resting on both thighs, while Marie had the same thing going on in the backseat... the other side of the backseat was sporting peck baskets piled as high as we could get them since we had to criss-cross stack them to keep the peaches from bruising.

We laughed all the way home. :)

Anne said...

Those are very amusing, Pat. Won't be too difficult to stay warm in Arkansas for the next week with our temps in the 70s!

Christy said...

hahaha, Pat! I've got favorite refrigerator jokes, too. They made me snicker every time I pass it.

Thearica ... speaking of men not being able to work things out - there's a true story about a truck stuck under a viaduct. There were engineers, cops, firemen, all sorts of men trying to figure out how to move the truck without damaging the bridge. Then a little kid comes up to them and says, "Why don't you let the air out of the tires?" I love that story.

Later Gators!

JLL24 said...

LOL, just love the toons. My fav is the very last one. Funny thing is my hubby thinks I SHOULD know what he is thinking....and I never do. lol.

As for packing a car, women do it the best. Years ago, when I had a Honda Prelude, little two door. I wanted to surprise my hubby to be with a big Christmas. So, I bought a 7ft real Christmas tree. The guy at the shop refused to put it in, said it wouldn't fit. Well, I got it in the car and the trunk even closed. Never ever under estimate a woman's power to get something into a car.

Pat said...

JLL24 (Judy) You need to send me your regular mailing address if you wish to receive your book from the Giveaway! pat

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Here is a tight hug for you from me.

Thanks for the smiles so early this Sunday AM. I save cartoons too. Terry has a file of old ones he liked from the Parade Magazine. With the downsizing of so many periodicals, you don't see as many cartoons as you used to.

That last cartoon was definitely Terry and I. We do read each other's mind and some times think the same thing at the same time. I guess 41 years together does that. But then, he says he can read the dogs mind to! ~lol~
Much Love

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, I am so glad I am not the only one with those yellowing pieces on the fridge ... or shoved in my bible ...or taped to the inside of the closet door. Laughter is good for the soul as well as your health.

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