Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just Before Christmas, A Giveaway Reminder

Hi out there!  I know you are all busy getting ready for Christmas...well, as I write this now, I bet you are having a Christmas party...or, at one somewhere other than, should you be reading this on Wednesday, take this post as a REMINDER to comment on my previous post to have your name included in my Christmas Giveaway.   I will be announcing the winner late Wednesday night, the 26th.

One of my readers asked me to post 'something, anything'....that just made my day - so here is what I decided to post.  It certainly comes under the heading of 'something, anything!"  Once again, I'm showing you the entry into my house.  Yeah, I know it isn't really "Christmasy" except to ME, but I am the one posting, right?
This buffet I put in the entry just because it didn't fit anywhere else has turned out to be just about my favorite spot in the house.  I'm sure I don't change it out often enough...for instance there are only two little tiny things here indicating Christmas is near, but I did so love all these dried bits of nature, some are real, some are not...the cross-stitched samplers, the old bird house and all the birds.  Not wanting to take these down yet, they have become my Christmas decorations.  Yeah.  Kinda strange, but so am I.
I really DID want you to see the paper star.  It was sent to me by a reader and now friend, Cindy P, from Kansas.  Along with a box of cookies!  A very generous thing for her to do and much appreciated.  I thought the star would look fabulous here with my little hodge-podge of  a bird/stitching/nature vignette.  I love it.  THANKS again, Cindy!
Aside from the star ornament, some little hint of Christmas should be present, I suppose, so I just added this little wreath to the birdhouse.  
 These three cross-stitched pieces were purchased from the flea market....I thought they were quite pretty and looked really good here with all the nature stuff.  I won't say just how inexpensive these samplers were...just that the vendors had no idea how special they were.  Lucky me.
Cindy's star again....I love how it looks against the cross-stitching and even my quilt in the background.  A treasure, if you ask me!
 Closer.....I'm just loving it!
I creep some relatives out with all this dried natural stuff....especially real bird nests, and wasp nests.  I like them...and love the dried sunflowers.  That nest on the left is REAL (so is ONE of the eggs, found ON THE GROUND, underneath a tree in my backyard).  Get it?  BIRD NEST ON THE GROUND!  The nest on the right...well, it's not real.
Here, real nest on the upper left, smaller nest with green 'sparkley' eggs...of course, not real!  That little framed painting of a tree is so cute..found it too at the flea market..$2.
 I showed the little tree in the cup and saucer before, but thought it should be in this vignette too.  Then, there is Micah's paper flowers and the third sampler.  So cute.  The little bird standing there is standing on a piece of brown paper with a pressed leaf from my friend Bibi's yard.  She does the cutest little things with every day objects....I love this one. 
Last year I bought this old bird house from the flea had to go on this I placed it on a stack of black books....vintage ones having to do with electricity....a gift from one of the old navy man's friends....a former co-worker from the power company.  Another big fat bird sitting on her nest...from Bibi.
Here we are again.....just something from here at my you at your house.  So...wishing you a very Merry Christmas.....a merry and bright, safe and cozy one....please comment on my previous post if you'd like a chance at the Giveaway....and see you Wednesday night!!!  Love you people!!!! pat


Dolores said...

I think that of all the things you showed, the wreath on the bird house is my favourite.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Pat. I am SO, SO in love with your beautiful buffet vignettes!!!!! You know how I love gifts of nature and the way you have them displayed is PERFECT!! The gorgeous quilt backdrop is absolutely wonderful! Love. it. all....I wish you a sweet and blessed Christmas dear friend, sending you hugs and love, Dawn

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh Pat, I have those same things collected too. Some like bird and egg in entryway and some like bird nests and wasp nests in my greenhouse/bedroom. And origami stars hanging in the window. Great minds meet from afar!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Merry Christmas!!!
I can feel the warmth of your home exuding from each photo. I LOVE each little glimpse into your world. I think I take more time decorating the outside and yard than I do inside our home.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Peace and Love to you and the Old Navy Man.
xx, Carol

Unknown said...

Hi Pat Merry Christmas to you also....I love to mix a little bit of Christmas with what we already have out so to me it looks lovely. Have a wonderful holiday season.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I love all you did with your decorations. I will have to get started for next year. Happy Christmas.

Cindy P said...

Aw, Pat, that was so nice, the things you said about that paper star! I had about 6 of them and I thought that color looked like you!

I'm glad you liked it.

I love pictures of your house. I could move right in there. Like a lot of your other readers, I collect a lot of the same things you do. Birds, nests, bit's of lace and embroidery. I get lots of great display ideas from you too!

Hugs and have a Happy Holiday with your family, Pat!

Threads-r-Flying said...

Pat, I always enjoy seeing how you creatively display your treasures for the holidays . Thank you for sharing as alway from your fan here in Alaska . Merry Christmas . Laurolle

Anonymous said...

Wow. Love the scarf!

Erin Wright said...

The scarf is soooo pretty!

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