Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving photos

It has become a tradition at our house to take photos by the front door when Scott, our very favorite son has to be driven to the airport in Little Rock to make the flight back to San Francisco.  Remember when you could drive your departing relative to the airport, go in with them, sit and watch planes land and take off while visiting for those last minutes before they had to board the plane?  I hate those days are gone because it seems to me we 'just kick 'em out at curb' while they wait a couple of hours to take off.  I miss those times.  Truth be told though, maybe the departing relative actually enjoys those 'waiting' minutes as they head for home.  Anyway....this is one of our 'leaving' photos.  Scott and his Dad.  I love this one....making a special memory. 
 Oh, gosh.  Favorite son and mother.  I'm already getting sad and we haven't even left for the airport yet!  He is so dear..... and FUNNY!  He makes me laugh.  Not everyone can.  We kind of share the same sense of humor.  Daughter shares Dad's.  I guess that is the way families go. 
I LOVE this photo!!!  My favorite son AND my favorite daughter.  What a combo!  They continually amaze me....and I think they are so cute!   It was a wonderful Thanksgiving....mostly  because I have these two in my life...and their Dad....the hours fly by and turn into more memories.  I know YOU have your own memories too.  And, we are all grateful for them.  Yes, a good time was had by all! (Even the other twenty folks sharing the time with us!)
I couldn't resist showing you this cartoon....just add it to the others in my previous post.  I thought it was appropriate for an 'after-Thanksgiving' cartoon.  Oh, go ahead and laugh....haven't we all kinda felt this way after the holidays?

There you are.....hopefully, you are smiling.  I'll be back in a few days to show you something else.  Right now I've no idea what, but rest assured, I will come up with something.  Meantime, stay warm, safe and cozy and have a good day!  (And don't forget.....I'll have another Giveaway for Christmas!) pat

PS.  Yesterday I mailed off nine of the little books from my Giveaway.  Allie, I still need your address!

And, yes, I know someone is going to ask why there are Victorian Valentines and such around my front door facing during Thanksgiving.  So, to satisfy you curious folks.....I had in my head to collect Vintage, or reproduction Vintage, Valentines to put around my door.  They are always there...as I add to the collection.  This because one of my trademarks on my work is the heart motif and I just love the Vintage cards, Yeah, I know it's kinda strange.  I don't mind being strange when it suits my fancy.  You can see that I haven't fully surrounded the door yet, but I'm working on it.  Nothing good comes in a hurry, it seems and I tend to have a lot of patience.


Thearica said...

Wonderful photos Pat! You have a beautiful family!

Anne said...

A beautiful family, Pat. You are surely blessed.

I agree with the lady in that comic panel. My doctor told me today that I have to lose 12 pounds. :-(

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely pictures. I especially love the one of father kissing son. We get hugs everyday, but seldom get kisses.

Funny how kids take a part of their parent's personalities. I have two grandsons. The youngest got my daughter's best side and my oldest got her stubborn side.

I don't see myself in my daughter at all.

20+ guests at Thanksgiving! That's nice! In this day when everyone seems to be going their own way, its nice that they were with you.
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Yes, I laughed right out loud at your joke. I'm going to print it out and put it up, over my scale, just so it knows that it better start giving me better numbers! lol.

Julie Fukuda said...

I vote to print out that cartoon and paste it to my scale ... maybe then it will cooperate! Vintage valentines? Doesn't every sane person have them around their door? Love is an all-year-thing!(going or coming)

Unknown said...

I agree about the airport. I always feel sorry for my daughter when we drop her and two little boys off to sit by them selves in the airport for an hour or two and not be able to visit down to the last minute.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh yes I remember those days! The love just grows bigger doesn't it? I love when my boys and girl are home. Thanks for your lovely messages! You are such a wonderful suppport. I just sent off one of the lovely hankies you sent me to my granddaughter for her birthday, so I was thinking of you. Thanks so much for stopping by the new blog while I get all sorted out! I hope you're enjoying the season!

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