Monday, October 5, 2020

Miss Minerva Prim

And, here is Miss Minerva Prim.
In 1994, my quilt guild held a doll challenge.  An  identical ready made doll was given to all interested and the challenge was to dress a doll to your own liking and then winners would be chosen at a future meeting.  Miss Minerva Prim was my entry.

After finishing the doll, I couldn't think of a good name for her until my little group went to Paducah, Kentucky for the annual quilt show.  

We decided to ride around the town for a bit looking at pretty houses 
 and the blooming Dogwood trees.  At some point, we turned onto a street and when I read the name of the street sign, I knew that would be the doll's name.  I believe the name of the street was Minerva Place.  I named her Minerva Prim because I thought she looked rather prim and proper.
The things we do.


On her petticoat, I wrote:
🖤 Miss Minerva Prim loves to talk about quilts. 
 My name, the year and the town I lived in.
I made her clothing, her knitted shawl, a basket with "bolts" of fabric," a sewing basket and several                                   quilting books.  I also found a pair of glasses for her.

Oh, yes, I found a chair and table just the right size for her
and just today, added
  the silk bonnet on a stand, a tea cup and saucer, plus the brass bird pincushion I've shown here many times before.

    And, I made a little set of quilt books for her too.  Not real books of course. I could make those better now but at the time, I didn't really know what I was doing.


I glued them all together so I wouldn't be chasing them all over the place.  Still holding up pretty good since 1994!

And, the tea cute.  I have a bunch of these I purchased just a few weeks ago, not even thinking they would be the right size for Miss Minerva!

She is wearing a long sleeved blouse, embroidered down the front, a skirt made of black file with embroidery along the hem, that petticoat I wrote on and I found the perfect size shoes for her when out shopping one day before she was finished.  That was lucky.  She is also wearing a button that looks like a watch and also a shawl I knitted for her from bedspread weight crochet cotton.

She is working on a quilt square as you can see.    A friend of mine made that quilt square and being unsatisfied with it she threw it in the garbage.  This was way before I made the doll.  I had rescued the wonderful little square from the garbage and saved it, and when I made the doll decided Miss Minerva would love to have it.  

Once again, the things we do!

I hope you liked the visit with Miss Minerva. 

                         She has been with me a long time now and every so often she likes to be seen.                      
                                                          Wherever You May Be This Day

                                                                            BE WELL                                                                        

Bird Nest Cottage



Sherry said...

Wow! Miss Minerva is precious and the degree of detail you've achieved is stunning! I'm chilly this morning and that shawl looks so warm and snuggly that it makes me wish I had one. You did a wonderful job putting together all the elements to make such a lovely scene.

Sherry in Little Rock

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I think Miss Minerva Prim is sheer perfection! Her little "room" is just darling, with each detail standing out on its own! Oh the blouse, and the shawl.. and that skirt and petticoat... they are so so cute. I love what you wrote on her petticoat.. and those little books are just so perfect for her little table with the bonnet stand. I love the baskets of yarn and fabric bolts and the vase of flowers at her side. She looks so cozy sitting there.. what a friend to have for over 26 years! I love her name and the way you chose it.. and the little quilt block she is working on....... well maybe someday it'll get finished! I so enjoyed looking at every little detail. Hope your week is going well! xoxo Marilyn

sandi s said...

Hello, Miss Minerva Prim is absolutely adorable!! You have really brought her to life. I think you have thought of everything a quilter would want for a cosy afternoon. Hugs,

Julie Fukuda said...

That doll sure looks comfortable in her setting. How big is she? I don't think even my small dolls would have a place that welcoming.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I love doll and your set up, her shawl is so cozy. You have so many talents and what fun making it all.

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