Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Six Rescued Pillows

There are six pillows on this chair.  All came from the flea market or Good Will.
So, in my mind, I have rescued them.  And, they nearly all need a little refreshment of some kind. 
        First, the large ruffled one in the back.  Actually, all it needs is a good pressing of the ruffles.

 I don't think it was ever used...seems to me it was just packed away for a time and never ironed and spotlessly clean.

Then, there is the 'alphabet pillow' as I call it.  Woven fabric....loved it.  Could use a bit of clean up. 

           I'm going to take off that cording on the edge and either replace it, or try something else.  

I'm not sure I've ever said it here...but I love seeing the alphabet on just about any kind of needlework.

An old faded rose colored pillow.
It has a machine made lacey trim on the edge and an appliqued basket filled with ribbon roses.
It could use a little resewing in some places on the edge.
Still very sweet.  

I found this bird needlepoint pillow in a bin of linens and other textiles.
Of course, I had to have it...love the bird AND the green background.
 It needs a little bit of refreshment also...mainly re-stuffing.
Behind it is a burlap pillow with a lace band.  It's in very good condition...but I felt it needed a little          something extra, so I added the twine with a bird and heart charm, tied it in a bow, and pinned all to   the pillow with a golden bird/nest/egg pin.

This is the floral fabric sawdust stuffed pincushion found at the flea quite a while ago. 
It is stuffed so full, it weighs a ton.
Aside from being well used, the ruffle is coming undone on each end, so I'll repair that.
It's a very old fabric...of course in colors I just love.

So, there you are....six pillows in various stages of rescue/repair.
With a little work, they will last for a very long time.
And, they will be much loved.

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TinaTx said...

Very nice! Don’t know why but I can’t comment from my computer and I forget to jump back on when I’m on my phone.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh I'm so glad you rescued the pillows! They are all so pretty and vintage and I'm sure most have been well loved at some point in time. I hope someone rescued some of mine that I donated last summer to one of our local thrift stores. I made them back in the late 70's.. all were quilted of various patterns with ruffles and lace around the edges.. peach and greens. Not my colors now but I loved them so! They have been packed away in tubs for years.. then I took them out and washed them... packed them away again, took them out and put on a shelf for awhile.. and they took up so much room I finally had to say goodbye to them! It was hard! So I hope someone has found them are reloving them. Yours have found a good home! Hugs.. Marilyn

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