Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Pincushions

I'm in a "pincushion" state of mind. Recently, I have posted about pincushions and here I go again...more about pincushions. A while ago, I told you that I was teaching a class at our guild retreat this September with a class on pincushions. They seem to be running through my head constantly these days. I am making some for class samples (which I am not going to show yet) and also making a variety of others...for my own entertainment, for gifts, and to sell.

During the holidays, I thought a lot about this blog and decided to share some of my work with my favorite bloggers and perhaps one of my own blog readers once in a while. I am already working on some to "gift" and, who knows, during the course of the year, you may receive one of them. I'm not announcing it ahead of time...just at random times choosing the person who will get one and quietly sending it way of celebrating friendship during the year.

Of course, I will also be putting some of them in my etsy shop. I have really neglected it the last few months and need to step up to the plate. I'm not very productive, as I work "tedious and slow." But, from time to time, some little things should make their way into the shop.

Recently I sent a little pincushion to Cindy at I love her blog. My favorite thing she does is find old things, "glorify" them, then use them to decorate her beautiful home. She loves blue. So, I made her a little pincushion. You can see it right here. (Or, you can go to her blog and read the post from 1-20-09 "Gifts" and see it there.)
She was very nice to show it and I really appreciate her complimentary description of it.

Look at the second photo. This is a pincushion very similar to Cindy's. You'll notice it has a few more flowers, an extra vine, and white French Knots around the edge rather than blue. Did you notice they were French Knots and not beads? I love making French Knots and couldn't resist adding some here. By the way, the fabric these were made from is vintage dresser scarf fabric. I love collecting old linens and sometimes the embroidery, etc., isn't in good shape but the fabric is....this is a piece of linen...nice and soft and OLD. But, just to be different, I painted it to get this lovely soft blue color. Also, after painting, I swiped it a few times with a very fine sanding feels great! This one is destined for my etsy shop.

There is a brown velveteen pincushion with a daisy on it......hand embroidered. Four inches square. With a pink butterfly hovering over it. Very simple in design. And, another beaded edge. This one is done in a whip or overcast stitch with four beads each stitch in antique gold, gold, silver and copper colored beads. This one is already listed in my etsy shop.

Yesterday, I also made a sale! A nice person bought one of my pincushions from my etsy site. I believe she must have visited Cindy first! She bought another silk ribbon can see it silk ribbon flowers and a basket. About four inches square. Again edged with beads, this time with that lovely picot beaded edge I love. I call it a "handerchief" edge, as it reminds me of tiny crochet edgings from long ago. (We'll talk about those soon!!)

So, what do you think? Do I have pincushions on the brain? Well, with lots to do for class, for friends, and for etsy....something better be on that brain!!! Hope you enjoyed seeing my little "sweet nothings." They are great fun to make and more fun to show...after all, none of us make these things to hide in the closet! You know you will be seeing more later! Pat


Gone said...

You do the absolute BEST work on pincushions that I've EVER seen! I love them!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely wonderful! Certainly couldn't choose a favourite they are all so beautiful.

Elenka said...

Wow, I love those!! They are just perfect !

Gayle said...

So much amazing detail on such a small "canvas". I'm in awe.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Pat; Love the pincushions you make. When I was visiting Cindy I saw the pincushion and that is how I found about you.. You do excellent work, and they are so tiny too.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Pat - you constantly amaze me. Of course I love the pincushions - the blue one is my favorite I think. It's so tiny I don't see how you can even hold it to stitch on it! blessings, marlene

Angela Harris said...

These are beautifully done:)
I can't believe what steady hands and patience you must have. they are gorgeous.

Cindy said...

I love my pincushion! Thank you again so much! What a great idea to use old linen. I thought you must have hand dyed mine but I never imagined that you painted it! I love the variations of the color.

I posted some of my silk ribbon embroidery I did about 10 years ago. I think you are renewing my interest in it again. I got discouraged when I couldn't find the beautiful hand dyed ribbon anymore. Do you have an online source for that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! Your work is just so outstanding! I never would have thought to paint linen but what an effect! I'm so glad Cindy posted so I was able to find you! You've inspired me to finish the "Anna Griffen" little project I started 4months ago!lol The brown velvet on is certainly gorgeous too! Just beautiful, thanks for sharing them! Sincerely, Jeannette

Gaby Bee said...

Simply wonderful! I can not believe what detail you achieve on such a small size. Love all these pincushions, but my fav is the one with the flower basket.

Sending hugs across the miles...

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat,
what an awesomely talented lady you are.I don't know if I could use your pincushion for anything but beautiful art....I think if I had the honor to have one of your pincushions I would put it under a cloche with maybe a vintage post card and a little tassel...I can see it in my mind.....
I am going to put a link to your blog from mine because I have some dear friends who are not bloggers who love quilts and make quilts.
such a pleasure to meet such a talented lady.

Robin said...

Oooooh, these are so lovely. I could NOT put pins in them... they are so precious as joyful, little works of art! I rather like Debbie's display idea...

Robin A.

Unknown said...

Pat, those pincushions are absolutely lovely! I am in awe of your beautiful talent!

I had to chuckle at that darling crewel floral piece on the next post! That green was all the rage back in the 70's, wasn't it! What WERE WE ALL THINKING!?! LOL!

supplies overflowing! said...

These are beautiful!
Are they really used for pins?? I couldn't imagine sticking pins in something so nicely done!

Emma said...

I love that blue pincushion! It has such a great texture. I'm not normally a fan of the color blue but I love the tone on tone and the natural colors you've used.


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