Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow and a Giveaway Winner!!

Snow!  Who knew?  I guess I just wasn't ready for this....but it came anyway.  It started yesterday around noon and just got worse.   What I thought would be a quiet Christmas Day spent with the  old navy man and my 92 year old father-in-law...turned into an adventure.  I won't tell you the whole story....but it involves a power outage, one man on oxygen with a breathing treatment machine and another one...on a driving adventure that shouldn't have happened.  It was interesting.  Our power is back on, but father-in-law's is not, so he is still here.  Poor thing...he's having to spend time with US...he is probably thinking living alone isn't too bad a thing!  So, take a look at my photos, such as they are...then check out my After Christmas Giveaway winner!!  (This first photo is looking from my front porch across the street...taken around 7:00 p.m.
Out back...same time...just beginning.  As you can see from the chair...things were being blown from here to there as time went by.
Looking out at my Nest.  Cold and Dreary!
The next three photos were taken at 1:00 a.m.  Yes, I couldn't actually rest my brain to go to sleep, so was taking photos every little bit last night.  This is the view from my back door to my next door neighbors.  I love that pecan tree...have taken it's photo in every conceivable light and weather!!
The Nest.  Peaceful...after being blown about.  Sometimes I am out there at this same time (1:00a.m) trying to get something done...not this time!
 Yes, another middle of the night photo.  My father-in-law's car.  And, looking down the street.  Amazing to me that it was so LIGHT out at that hour.
 Morning.  Looking out front. 
 Ice in the trees.  Funny, it all started with ice...then wind, then snow.
About 8:30 a.m.  Can you see where the wind broke my neighbor's flag pole?  There are two, one is bent in half.
 Looking across the street toward the Catholic Church.....The light on those trees...sparkling icy trees.
 Our porch swing....COLD!
There's Jimmy's pecan tree in the a.m.  So pretty.

 A tree in our backyard...taken from the bathroom window.  I just happened to see three 'characters' out playing in the snow...can you spot three Cardinals?
One way in upper right of photo~
Another view out front.  Beautiful trees!
Feeding the birds on the  left.............I actually noticed I caught one flying when I posted this photo just now.
 Got out this afternoon and made myself a path to the Nest........Well, if you want to get somewhere, sometimes you have to make it happen!!
 From the Nest to the house. 
Amazing what you can do when you want to!  I also cleared a path on the driveway.....actually, things had begun to the it went better than I thought.

So, there you are...Christmas Day 2012 and the day after.  What an experience!!!  Now, for my big After Christmas Giveaway Winner is:  DEB from Ontario, Canada!!!!  How appropriate considering these photos...although to Deb...this snow probably doesn't even count.  Different for those of us in the South!  Deb, so happy to send you the 'loot'....kindly send me your mailing address, dear friend!!! 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a very Happy New Year too.  Remember, I will be giving another Giveaway to someone for Valentine's Day!!!  Now....go, stay safe, warm and cozy and ENJOY the rest of the holiday season.   See you soon.  take care, pat


Laurie said...

Hi Pat! We're getting you winter storm right now, here by lake Huron in Michigan. It's beautiful, yet quite blustery out! I love your pictures, and your nest!

Dolores said...

Great photos. I do like the fact that you captured the light at night. We, here in Ontario, are just getting that white stuff. First time all year and a bit late for a white Christmas.
Stay warm and take care.
Congratulations to Deb.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, we had such a sunny Christmas Day. Then, this AM about 10, your snow started flying here. I think we have about 3 inches over ice. It was a dangerous drive home, but nothing could keep me away!!

Lovely first snow pics. It's so pretty before the tracks. Now it can go away..for a looooong time.

Congrats Deb.

Happy New Year!
xx, Carol

Julie Fukuda said...

We are having cold days but lots of sun and no snow. It is nice to see in pictures but I think I can do without. Keep warm and safe!

Christy said...

Hi, Pat. It's so funny to see so much snow! Here in Northern Illinois, I've gotten less than half an inch. I wonder how long we'll be that lucky. Enjoy the scenes but be careful out there!

Cindy P said...

Oh, MY! How come you got snow and I got nothing?? Not that I'm complaining. Cause I can't stand being snowed in. I'm always afraid I'll want something and not be able to get it. Even though we have 2 4 wheel drive vehicles in the driveway. We didn't get a decent snow at all last year. I'm heading to Arkansas next week. Not as far south as you though. Rogers!

Anne said...

Glad that you, your Navy man, and your father-in-law made it through the Christmas Day winter storm unscathed. You captured it all beautifully in your photos. I can vividly imagine what it was like for you because we experienced the same here. Our power was restored after 19 hours of cold darkness. My beloved oak tree lost several large limbs, but the fallen branches didn't damage our home. I know many people in my area who are still without power. Some might not have their power restored for a week or so. Bless their hearts. Those amazing linemen are working very long hours in treacherous conditions. I so appreciate each one. Take care, Pat, and stay warm!

NickiLee said...

Hi Pat! Looks like Old Man Winter did his magic in your yard - all that white stuff and not a flake here.... very unusual for us not to be in 3ft of snow by now but not a flake yet! Isn't the first snowfall just gorgeous?

Just wanted to wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Nicki Lee

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