Monday, April 8, 2019

A Selection of Items to Rescue

 I've been going through a few things and trying to decide if some of them could be either repaired, or just cleaned up and used in new ways.  I wanted an assortment of things to be rescued.  Do you remember my "Rescue the Perishing" project last year - the quilt I repaired for my sister-in-law's mother?  Because I spend time at the flea market, I know there are many things that arrive there in need of some TLC and sometimes I buy them. is what I chose today as upcoming projects.

I'll begin with this vintage beaded bag.  It didn't come to me like came to me fastened to a background and in a frame with other items.  A collage of sorts.  The collage was poorly executed to begin with, basically falling apart...and I knew when I saw it that a rescue may be too late.  However, 
I thought I might be able to repair the bag "somehow."  The lining has completely rotted and evidently the bag was cut from whatever kind of handle it had and the fringe has all but disappeared.

I'm not sure I even like it....but, I did feel sorry for it.  I'll look it over really well and see if I can give it new life somehow.  And, you will hear about whatever I wind up doing to it.

 This little doll belonged to Kathy's husband's mother.  She is too homely to be really cute, but I could just imagine a little girl playing with her, so I may clean her up a bit and make her some new clothes...or accessories...some hair, something.  
She's worth saving.
I did get the idea of making her a sister or two. She is only about ten inches tall.

 Her little dress buttons down the back.  I like that.  I don't want to change her too much. 
 We'll see.

Now, the following two hankies were included in that frame with the beaded bag.  They were, at one time, quite beautiful.  But, they were doomed from the start because they were GLUED to the background fabric.  This is one of my pet peeves.  I realize other people do not share my opinion of using glue to hold these kinds of things in place, but save that method for things that aren't quite so dear.  The lace on this green hanky is really to save this project, I will try to unsew the lace from the silky fabric. 
 Hopefully, I can rescue enough of it to use in another way....sewn, not glued!

This hankie was absolutely gorgeous before it was disfigured in this horrible way.  So, once again, I will find a way to salvage as much of it as possible and use it in a special way.  We will see.

 I've had this little bag a long time.  I think I have shown it on the blog before, but my memory being what it is...I'm not sure.  The embroidery is very well done.....but, the fabric around the embroidered eyelets has deteriorated and some mending is in order.  I'll study it before I begin, but I really don't think I can mend it invisibly.  It will show.  Maybe I can get creative and at least make it an interesting mend.

 So...a few more things to rescue....with thousands more out there, right? I know I will feel better when I have done my best to help these little things.  And, I know more will show up to take their place.  Well, what's a girl to do but get creative.  I read somewhere that creativity is actually problem solving.  I can see that.  I also like this:

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."
Albert Einstein

until next time
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