Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What I Saw Today

I guess things come in bunches sometimes and today seemed to be glassware and china day. With a few art pieces thrown in for good measure.  So, maybe you will see something here to your liking...I know I had fun looking! And, yes, this one came home with me...

 I don't know about you, but I am a pushover for roses...and really, lots of other flowers too.    These went out the door I knew they would.

 Some sweet tea cups and saucers in a really pretty footed bowl...

 An interesting set....

 and the back.

 A tiny cup, fit for any doll!

There were some art pieces in the shop today.........I don't know why but this one also came home with me.  I found it fascinating.......kind of spooky too.

 And, the cow, I think, did jump over the moon!

 The view from the other side of the moon.

 One of my favorites from the day...this tiny little pink fish.  Who can explain this?

 A selection of belt buckles.

 More pretty roses.

 Netflix.  Britbox.  Who wouldn't want to read this book?  Now at my house.

 Embroidered "talking" linens.  These are always a great find.

These were a surprise coming out of the auction tub.  Just beautiful colors.  My sister has a passion for blue, so I sent her a photo and she loved them.  So, these will be to her from me when next we see each other in person.  I'm filling up a box for her over time.

 Something I always love to see...crocheted linens and can you ever have enough of this thread?

 And, six pretty little sweet.

This day at the flea much FUN.

until next time


Growing Old Fast said...

I absolutely LOVE that painting of the rose!! It struck something inside me!! Good finds!! Thanks for always sharing I love seeing all the wonderful things you find. Take care, Pam Gonzalez

Julie Fukuda said...

Very interesting ... The fish looks like a chopstick rest.

Cindy Davis said...

Hey! I enjoy your site---it's like going shopping only not spending the money! Lol. We share the same tastes. Everything you pictured has such a homey feel. I LOVE antiques, collectibles, vintage almost ANYTHING!I, too, am a "rose lover." <3

Cindy, creator of

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