Monday, April 29, 2019

Still My Favorite Silk Ribbon Embroidered Roses

 This is what is left of an embroidered piece I did in 1995.  It's the circle placed on this lace doily. 
Here's the story:
At that time, I was highly interested in silk ribbon embroidery and I did several pieces of it over time, but this particular piece was my favorite.  Why?  Well, it was those Roses! 

Which roses, you might ask.


 Well, these five roses right there,  to be exact.  Made with a variegated hand-dyed ribbon. 
I was crazy over them. 
And, so, I still am.
But, I decided, way back then, to cover a box with fabric and use this piece to make the lid.
I hesitated, but did it anyway.
I wrote along the edge, finished the top and used it in my classes as an "example."
And, then, one accident occurred.
The box was crushed.  There was a simultaneous spill.  
I had no choice but to lose the box and remove the embroidery from the lid.
So what you see here is what is left.  
I've saved it because they still are the favorite of all the silk ribbon roses I've made. 
Thinking one day I would find a way to use them in another project, they would be brought out on occasion and looked at, mulled over and then put away again.
So, now, they are a reminder of what I used to do and I'm ok with it.
I have other finished silk ribbon projects, some much more complex than this.
But, this little four inch circle of embroidery...well...sometimes it still calls my name.


 (By the way...the light here tonight did not cooperate with reality, this ribbon is a much softer color, making it much more delicate looking.)

What would you do with it?

And, here's the wording I wrote along the edge...I don't remember where I got this, but I thought it beautiful:

Thus musing in a garden nook each flower is as a written book.
And rich the stores of holy thought that by these blossoms fair are brought. 


 until next time 
Bird Nest Cottage


Kathy said...

I'd frame those roses in a square frame with a circular matt cut-out. That way I could hang the piece on my wall and look at it often.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I agree with Kathy. I had been thinking to use it for a round pillow, or cover the top of a little round footstool (just for show though.. wouldn't want FEET to touch those beautiful roses!). I like the idea of framing it or putting it in a shadow box. The verigated ribbon is such so pretty!

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