Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Adventures of a Serving Spoon

 This serving spoon is from last week's flea market visit.  I may have two more posts from that visit.
Kathy and I both remarked about this's long (13") and neither of us had seen one with such an obvious bend in it.  It looked awkward to us.  But, because I seem to love the perfectly imperfect thing or two, I brought it home.

On the back.  For whatever it's worth.  (By the way, I think the background fabric is from an antique petticoat or skirt.  Lovely, whichever it is.)

 Here's a better look at how it is bent.  And, it sits perfectly still, no wobbling.
That's what gave me the idea of seeing how many different things would fit in the bowl of the spoon without it tipping over....or, just how many different things could I find to show off in this spoon.
Thus, the spoon's adventure began.

 First thing I thought of was buttons.  There are zillions of them around here.....

 some of which are mother-of-pearl.

Here's a good photo of the spoon sitting atop one of the drawers of an old box which held letters for signage, but now holds many of my 'good' buttons.  (I think that is copper (?) showing on that spoon.)

 And, here's the back of the spoon.  See that ridge along the bowl?  That helps the spoon to sit firmly without tipping.  Interesting.

 There's also glass buttons too.

 A mother-of-pearl heart.  Well, there just had to be one of those!

A heart bead and some tiny buttons.  Beautiful!!!

 And, I mean TINY buttons. I'm not sure what they are made of.

 A sweet little doll.  I can't remember where I got it or if someone gave it to me.  Chalk it up to my age, I guess.  Adorable anyway.

 And, here is another doll.  She's cute.  Fully dressed and all.  

 In a pinch, you could use the spoon as a candle holder perhaps. 

 My daughter gave me this omg!  It's an eraser.  But here, I'm pretending its a small bar of soap.

 I have a lot of old photos.  You know that.  And, among them is a little box of tiny photos.  So,
I thought I'd put a few in the spoon.  Oh, why not?

 I have no idea who they are.....but they are cute!

 Here is a bird nest.  I try to label my bird nests with where they came from...this one was given to me by my son-in-law.  He found it in their backyard on the ground.  (Bird nest on the ground, right?)

  I don't know which of us was the most excited about the find!

 One of my old dried roses.  It works for me.

 Ok...a little hand shaped ash tray.   Why not put it into the spoon?  

 Why not add a little compass pin?  I bought this ages ago.  It works.  I'm sure these are 'out there' someplace, but this is the only one I've ever seen.

 One of my very favorite pins of all time....naturally, a basket of flowers.  So sweet!!!

 So.  Can a spoon have adventures?  Seems like it can if it lives at my house!  I think I've come up with a pretty good assortment of ideas for using this spoon.  And, if all else fails, I can always dish up some food with it!!! 

I have been known to take pages from old unimportant books and use them in various ways.  One is to cut apart words and/or phrases from the pages and randomly choose a few, then put them together to make a thought or poem, or a title for a collage.  Today, I just wanted to use the spoon to display what I thought were a few words explaining my serious flea market addiction.  Today, week, who knows? 

Dusty treasures, 
like the color of a flower which fades, 
are dreams passing through a second door.

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


Shortbread and Ginger said...

Great post with so many lovely things and what a wonderful spoon!

Louise Doney said...

Oh Pat , you are just so clever. I love this post, you must have had so much fun going around your cottage looking for things to fit in the spoon. Love it ❤️

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