Friday, April 26, 2019

Roses on Wednesday

 I am certainly missing the boat getting things posted by Wednesday night aren't I?  So, I'm thinking Thursday is much more realistic.  This photo is showing some things I managed to bring home yesterday...with a few from past visits to the flea market as well.  On Sunday, I will have a post about the flea with an amusing story to go along with it...but, for now, I hope you enjoy seeing a few new treasures keeping company with some of my older treasures.  

 This was the last thing I chose that day.  Because, as you know, I'm a fool for a beautiful rose.  The artists name is on it, but it's too faint for me to read.  I think it is beautiful!!!  $1.00

 This platter and the buttons I'm using as a nest here came from The Junk House in earlier times.  I don't remember where the bird flew here from, but she seems perfectly at home in her button nest!

 OMG!  I can't even tell you how I really feel about that jar.  It was love at first sight, but I didn't buy it the first time I saw it, or even the second for that matter.  After a few weeks, apparently no one was going to buy it but it came to my house and I began to fill it with buttons.  Last summer when I was in San Francisco visiting my son....well, I happened upon a box of buttons...mother of pearl...and I bought it, knowing full well it would just about fill up that jar.    The jar is embossed with flowers, but with the buttons, it doesn't really show up well.  No matter....I'm nuts over it anyway.

 So, here's more gorgeousness....this lovely book, a vegetable bowl and a decorative box.  But, first the book:

Last year it was Paris in Bloom.  This year, New York in Bloom.  Think next year is London in Bloom.  I'm looking forward to San Francisco in Bloom, fingers crossed.

 You can almost smell the flowers.
Of course, it didn't come from the flea market....but I had to show it anyway.  Because of that rose plate!  Look at all that pink!  Oh, know I'm going to say it...always makes me think of French Knots!!!

 I've had this pin for a very long cute.  To me it just looked like it could roll right through  Central Park!
Since there is no bookstore here (yeah...sure rubs me the wrong way!), I ordered this one from  Well, what's a girl to do when she wants a book?

 Then, there is this decorative feminine and fussy.  It will definitely make another appearance on the blog at some point....I'm searching for the right words to add the perfect "finishing touch" to it.  And, by that, I mean the perfect embroidered words.

 Love the detail and that lining is in pretty good shape, considering.  I love the edge on it.

 Even the bottom is pretty.

 And, here is the vegetable bowl.  So pretty!  I loved the shape of it.  Perfect for serving a delicious green vegetable...let me guess, Cabbage?  But many others too. 

 And, it's marked. 

 There are three of these with the cutest little feet.  You could use them for a multitude of things, but I imagined a little bar of fragrant decorative soap there.

 And this vase.  Another embossed clear glass beauty.  And BIG.  I'm going to put some actual real flowers in it soon........It's going to be one of my favorites, for sure.

 So, how am I supposed to resist a thing such as this?  A beautiful garment made for a child.  Although the bodice and the skirt have been separated from each other (why?), and it's stained, it's still beautiful.  

 And, this crocheted trim is fabulous.  Looks to me like it was crocheted with a size 0 hook.  Just lovely.

 There was also a small embroidery hoop.  An older one and with a bit of crochet in it.  So very cute!
 It's about four inches.

 The front of the bodice is so cute...maybe I can improve it a little bit, although to me it is special just the way it is.

 And, the back.  Adorable!


 And, the hemline.  Gorgeous!

 And, here's the dress in a lovely basket tote.  Who can resist those?  Not me.  


 And, once again.....more words cut from books.  I'm not sure, but I don't think I'm going to be able to stop doing this for a while's so much fun! 

 So there.  This week's flea market update, I guess.  I'll have more on amusing story, and some very old photographs.  

until next time
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So lovely my friend, love those white buttons. Your photos bring me so much joy.
I had eye surgery and now I can stitch again properly.

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