Friday, April 12, 2019

What I Saw Yesterday

Yesterday was "my day" at the flea...I always look forward to it.  And, I intended to post about it last night.  But, April 15th was looming over me, so I spent the time dealing with the paperwork for getting my taxes done as I had an appointment this a.m. with my "tax lady."  Whew.  Glad that's over. 
I always like to check that off my list.  

Anyway, sorry to have kept you waiting.

As I always say, "you never know what you will find at the Junk House!"  Kathy is always getting in more flatware.  She and I had just filled this big basket with a ton of flatware when  lady came in looking for lots of flatware.  She makes wind chimes with it.  After looking through it for a bit, she asked Kathy what she would take for the whole basket, they negotiated, and the lady left with it all.  Happy as could be.  So was Kathy.  The best kind of deal.  There's more, of course.  There is always more.

Something very pretty and blue to serve gravy and sauces in.  English. 
 It will strike someone's fancy.

And, this pretty little batch of china.  I like the shape of the cups and the handles too. 
Reduced from $25 to $15.  

A portfolio of sketches....they are delightful.  They would be lovely framed, of course.

Here's just one of them. 

 Someone might want to spend some time with this little lady.  She has a very pleasant look on her face.

 And, you can see her here on top of my favorite old cabinet.  I really like that old cabinet...but, alas, no room for it in this house....I can't imagine why.  Kathy had two of these white rose garlands....I put one up here....because I like how it looks against the old wood.  So sweet!!!  Seriously, if I had room for this cabinet I would be in big trouble.

 Here are two of the largest pieces of tatting I have seen.  Wonderful.  I forgot to measure them, but I believe they are about 8" x 10" (or so).  A bit of pressing and they'd be gorgeous!

So, Kathy had this big, big blue bowl.  The kind that has a pitcher.  I have a couple of them I purchased from her a while back......I love them.   She wanted me to fill it with something pretty and find a place for it.  So...what does my mind always run to...yes, linens.
So before I knew it, I had filled the bowl and now you can't see it...but, have no fear, you should feel free to look them all over...

So here's me....holding some of the linens out of the way so you can see the floral gorgeousness of this big bowl.  Lovely!!! 

I managed to come home with a few things...I'm holding them back because I think I can make a couple or three posts from the lot.  Some nice'll see.

(And, an update....yes, I came home with that fish from last week.  Julie, from Japan, was very helpful in identifying it as a chopstick rest and went so far as to show me her own collection of them. And, it was wonderful.  Thanks, Julie!)

until next time
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Julie Fukuda said...

That little fish will be quite happy with its new home ... and it will never be bored with such nice surroundings.

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