Saturday, August 17, 2019

A "New" Old Table and What It Holds

So, I did have an antique coffee table here.  Smallish.  Dark.  Oval.
I have wanted one on the primitive side, long, and tall "ish" for the longest time.
Well, since I moved in here for sure.
I took the unwanted coffee table to the flea the other week.  But not before I found this old table.
Primitive.  60 inches wide (exactly my height).  Tall "ish" - a little higher than the seat of my sofa.
And, my favorite color...GREEN.

 I'm very pleased with it.  In fact, I love the thing....
So, I'm showing you where it is living in my house. 
And, how I am using it.
I realize that most would think it overloaded with books and things. 
 In fact, most might say the whole room (house) is overloaded.  And, they would be correct.
But, you see, I live in my own little world here, so I'm not bothered by what other people would do.
I really enjoy puttering around here...and will, as long as I'm able.

About the books....
anytime I want to, I can take a trip to my favorite places...because there is probably a book about  those places here and there, but especially on the coffee table.
Just give me a book, a quilt, a cup of tea, and my favorite...a rainy day or night.... and I can sit here and enjoy reading for hours.
The same goes for books about birds, flowers, embroidery, mending, cooking, and so on.
I also love a really good mystery to get lost in.
My current favorite mystery writer is Canadian.  Louise Penny.  

To complete my little display here...some birds, a vintage English tin, a tiny bird plate, a paperweight or two, what I call my Crystal Ball....and oh yes, the remotes.
Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, I can also take a trip via the tv, or solve any number of mysteries.  My favorite of all time is Foyle's War. 
There are also many others.  I've watched the entire lot of Midsomer Murders THREE times!
There are others.  In fact, on weekends, I tend to binge watch.
All from this little area in my living room.
Also, one can stitch, or knit, or quilt or unsew right along with the tv, if one likes to do handwork.

 So, here's a closer look.

 I just love that little English bird tin.  It is dear.  And, that tiny bird plate. 
There are several glass coasters with a bit of crochet in each one.  


A glass heart paperweight sits atop a book from 1898...."Love in Art".  Complete with art photos.  Do you love the way old books smell?  I do.  A book on roses, a book called "Places," a small round magnifier.  Very helpful.


 "The Quiet Room."  Acquired recently at the flea market.  It's foreign, but the text is in English.
And, it's beautiful. 


 Just a different look at it all.....yes, I know....someone is going to say...."what about the dusting"?
And, I will say....yes, I dust.  Everything.  Maybe not as promptly as some....but often enough.
My thoughts on dusting are the same as my thoughts on doing dishes.
If you have dirty dishes, it means you have been lucky enough to have food to eat.
Doing dishes is showing your gratitude.
Yes.  The same with dusting....I'm lucky enough to have my own home and what's in it.
 I'm grateful for I dust.

There you are....all because I bought that old primitive green table.
I'm over the moon about it.
Go figure!!!

Today I wanted to take some of my cut up book pages and make a little something for this post.
So, I can ask you....Does it please you?

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


littlemancat said...

It does please me - very much. Love the green table and all it holds and your word picture.

Dawn said...

I totally agree with your outlook. It's your home and should please only you. I tend to feel the same way. Enjoyed your post and love your table.

Pat S. in Lebanon said...

I love having my stuff around me, but I could do without the dust it can't
have one without the other.
Is that an old hat under glass?

Sherry said...

Pat, I enjoyed this so much! I love the table and everything you have on it, of course. How desperately I need your talent for making lots and lots of different things look so perfectly beautiful together. I love knowing how much you enjoy your home!

Sherry in Little Rock

carol sferra said...

Love all of it!!! As the saying goes...surround yourself with the things you love!!!!

brianhaggard said...

Hello Dear friend I love the new table and I am so happy to see picture of the whole room it really looks so cozy you just wont a cup of tea and a nice book and or some embroidery on your lap with a bite of chatter going on.

Do you know where a person could find such chatter?

I love you dear friend keep it coming love to see your poste some day I will have some of those my self. Chat soon Brian from Indy.

Jaybird said...

and a cat to sit on you and keep you warm.............right where you have the worst batch of shingles....she's warm, weighted, and she vibrates....ahhh, better than drugs!!
Your room/table is lovely and welcoming!!

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Unknown said...

Hát ez a kis lakás és a stílus és ahogy élsz benne nagyon kedves. Imádom!

Unknown said...

Hát ez a kis lakás és a stílus, és ahogyan élsz benne nagyon kedves. Imádom!

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