Monday, August 12, 2019

Rescue The Perishing: An August Scrap Quilt

 I bought this quilt top at the flea market on Wednesday.  I couldn't resist.  Well, for one thing, it had a lot of pink in it.  And, for another had a good selection of plaids, stripes, florals and solids.  I paid a lot of attention to that because the minute I saw the quilt, I knew I would rescue it.  And, not in it's entirety, but I would use the scraps each in it's own way.   And, the price was right.

This being August....I had one of my favorite books turned to the right page for this post and my new little bird looked so cute with it, going so well with all those scraps too!  A gift from Kathy, it was.


 And, here is the quilt all folded up.
 I haven't measured it, but I believe it is "not quite" twin sized.

I've already got some ideas on projects using this quilt.  I've really been looking for one like it. really good sizes, so I can use them in lots of ways.
(And, one where I didn't have to mend the scraps before I use them.)

 Yes.  It looks like lots of fun to me!

Once again, I say, who could resist?
Well, me, that's who. 
As if we didn't know.

 This red piece is pretty cool too.

 I love this really pink piece with the dark and light lines going through it.  And, that pink and gray.

 Then, the oddest thing.....this blue and white fabric is all the way across both ends of the quilt.
About ten inches wide.  It's really a nice fabric....but looks so out of place there.  I may take it off the quilt, see how much is there,  and then see if my sister wants it.  Her favorite color is blue. If not, it may wind up at the flea. Well, lots of ways to use this quilt to make a multitude of items.  It will be fun to play with.

until next time
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A Bit of Heaven
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