Thursday, August 8, 2019

I Guess You Could Call It An Unwanted Adventure

Life has not been "normal" at The Junk House for the last few weeks.
Seems we were in for a little adventure.
A lady from out of town apparently was so happy to be visiting the store that she just drove her car right on in. 
This was probably a shock to her two sisters who were passengers in the car.
In addition to the 'adventure,' I guess you could say it was a lucky day as not a single person was hurt.
A miracle, for sure, as glass went everywhere, not to mention all the inventory in the front of the store....and a CAR!

Some of the resulting damage.

I'm amazed that the front door is still standing!

Did I say how hot it was?

This photo was taken today.  Still waiting on glass.
 The windows still covered with plywood and tarps.

Fortunately, it looks pretty normal here,

 So, I took a few photos from around the goes on, you know.
This huge old's about eight feet long....a massive amount of work surface and underneath storage.  
I always want the big huge pieces like this.
Maybe I should be living in a barn rather than a house!

 And, this beautiful display cabinet is just gorgeous! 


 Goodies everywhere!


 And, this work table, another eight foot to die for....great size and the perfect height!
 That blue cabinet thing....Kathy thought it was a trunk....until opened to reveal a writing desk with drawers, inkwells, etc. 

 Someone moving in.

 And, here is my little space.  Several new items...Butterfly/wicker tray on top of that filing cabinet and a few dishes, picture frames, and other things added.

So, life at The Junk House continues. 
And, we are grateful.

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, that was really lucky that no one got hurt. I guess there is an advantage of not having your things displayed in the window.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Wow... wonder what that lady was doing to end up driving through that window! All I can say is wow.. and so glad no one was hurt. What a shock that must have been for everyone! Marilyn

Jaybird said...

Oh MY!!! I am so glad no one was hurt!! That lady must have been like the one who drove into Charlie's store a couple of years ago....that was an exciting day as well!
I think the maple dresser lying on it's side, belongs in my den. It sure got knocked a long way away!!! :^)

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